Idaho Springs

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Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Location in Colorado
Idaho Springs (Colorado)
Idaho Springs
Idaho Springs
Basic data
Foundation : 1859
State : United States
State : Colorado
County : Clear Creek County
Coordinates : 39 ° 45 ′  N , 105 ° 31 ′  W Coordinates: 39 ° 45 ′  N , 105 ° 31 ′  W
Time zone : Mountain ( UTC − 7 / −6 )
Residents : 1,717 (as of 2010)
Population density : 635.9 inhabitants per km 2
Area : 2.7 km 2  (approx. 1 mi 2 ) of
which 2.7 km 2  (approx. 1 mi 2 ) are land
Height : 2294 m
Postal code : 80452
Area code : +1 303, 720
FIPS : 08-38370
GNIS ID : 204710
Website :
Mayor : Dennis Lunbery

Idaho Springs is a city in Clear Creek County in Colorado , United States , about 45 km west of Denver . In 2010 the place had 1717 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1859 at the beginning of the Colorado gold rush and gained regional importance as a supply point for the surrounding mines.

Nowadays the place is on the I-70 freeway and acts as a kind of "sleeping town" for the employees of the nearby Loveland ski area. Although Idaho Springs is the largest city in Clear Creek County, the county seat is in Georgetown .


Idaho Springs' geographic coordinates are 39 ° 45 '  N , 105 ° 31'  W (39.742456, −105.514391). The place is at the point where Chicago Creek flows into Clear Creek . In the east of the urban area, Soda Creek also flows from the right .

According to the United States Census Bureau , the city has an area of ​​2.7  km² , all of which is land. In Idaho Springs, at the junction of I-70, which runs jointly with US-6 and US-40 , on 13th Avenue (Exit 240) is the western end of Colorado State Highway 103 ; however, this highway leads into Idaho Springs from the southwest.


During the Colorado gold rush on January 5, 1859, gold digger George A. Jackson discovered gold on the site of today's Idaho Springs. It was the first major gold discovery in Colorado. Born in Missouri , Jackson had experience in California and was guided in his search by the clouds of steam from some of the nearby hot springs. Jackson kept his find to himself for a few months, but others followed him to his dig after paying for equipment with gold dust. The settlement was first called Spanish Bar and was later renamed Idaho Springs because of the hot springs.

The first discoveries by gold panners were soon followed by the discovery of gold veins in the rock walls on both sides of the Clear Creek. An Idaho Springs miners' strike in May 1903 resulted in clashes and was one of the local scenes of the violent industrial action that went down in history as the Colorado Labor Wars .


At the time of the 2000 United States Census, Idaho Springs was inhabited by 1,889 people. The population density was 701.3 people per km ². There were 904 housing units at an average of 335.6 per km ². The population Idaho Springss consisted of 94.71% of White , 0.74% Black or African American , 1.06% Native American , 0.48% Asian , 0% Pacific Islander , 1.54% said other races to belong and 1.48% named two or more races. 5.03% of the population declared to be Hispanic or Latinos of any race.

Residents of Idaho Springss distributed to 841 households out of which 27.1% were living in children under the age of 18. 42.8% of households were married, 10.9% had a female head of the household without a husband and 42.3% were not families. 33.2% of households were made up of individuals and someone lived in 8.4% of all households aged 65 years or older. The average household size was 2.25 and the average family size was 2.87 people.

The population was divided into 23.1% minors, 9.1% 18–24 year olds, 30.3% 25–44 year olds, 28.0% 45–64 year olds and 9.5% aged 65 and over or more. The median age was 39 years. For every 100 women there were 105.5 men. For every 100 women over the age of 18, there were 103.9 men.

The median household income in Idaho Springs was 39,643 US dollars and the median family income reached the amount of 48,790 US dollars. The median income for men was $ 35,446 compared to $ 22,688 for women. The per capita income was $ 20,789. 6.7% of the population and 2.2% of families had an income below the poverty line , including 5.4% of minors and 13.4% of those aged 65 and over.



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