In the Garden of Venus

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In the Garden of Venus
Modern Talking studio album


November 30, 1987

Label (s) Hansa Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


occupation Dieter Bohlen , Thomas Anders


Dieter Bohlen, Luis Rodriguez

Romantic Warriors
In the Garden of Venus Back for Good
Single releases
November 9, 1987 In 100 Years ...
1987 It's Christmas (only in Denmark )
1988 Locomotion Tango (only in Denmark )

In the Garden of Venus is the sixth studio album by the German pop duo Modern Talking . It was released by Hansa Records in November 1987 and is also subtitled The 6th Album . The album is the last of the duo before the breakup in late 1987.

History and content

Like its predecessors, the album was recorded by Dieter Bohlen together with his co-producer and friend Luis Rodriguez during the course of the year . As usual, Bohlen wrote all the pieces on the album himself, the vocals are from Thomas Anders . In the weeks after the release, the two musicians broke up and finally separated for eleven years. While Bohlen in the ZDF hit parade on December 16, 1987, in which he already presented the single Sorry Little Sarah of his follow-up project Blue System , only spoke of a “break” until “Thomas gets nicer again”, Anders said that It had already been clear for a year that In the Garden of Venus would be the last album. The latter complained about the circumstances of the separation, which he had learned from the media, but still wished Bohlen all the best. Bohlen's comment on this was simply: “Yes, that's nice.” The newspapers said that Anders' wife Nora Balling and her interference in band matters had been a major reason for the duo's separation.

The first single In 100 Years ... was released in early November 1987. It was able to reach number 30 in Germany. Two other singles, It's Christmas and Locomotion Tango , were only released in Denmark in late 1987 / early 1988, more or less posthumously .


The motif of a waterfall in front of a sunset was chosen as the cover. It comes from Don Landwehrle / The Image Bank. The photographs are from Didi Zill and the youth magazine Bravo .


The album reached number 35 in Germany - where it remained on the chart for four weeks, from December 14, 1987 to January 11, 1988. In Finland the album came in at number 24, in Sweden at number 49 and in Spain at number 23.

In Spain the album could reach gold status .

Track list

  1. In 100 Years ... - 3:57
  2. Don't Let It Get You Down - 3:40
  3. Who Will Save the World - 3:45
  4. A Telegram to Your Heart - 2:50
  5. It's Christmas - 3:52
  6. Don't Lose My Number - 3:10
  7. Slow Motion - 3:40
  8. Locomotion Tango - 3:49
  9. Good Girls Go to Heaven - Bad Girls Go to Everywhere - 3:37
  10. In 100 Years (Reprise) - 1:27

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