Ready for romance

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Ready for romance
Modern Talking studio album


May 26, 1986

Label (s) Hansa Records

Format (s)


Genre (s)


Title (number)


running time


occupation Dieter Bohlen , Thomas Anders


Dieter Bohlen, Luis Rodriguez

Studio (s)

Studio 33, Hamburg

Let's Talk About Love
Ready for romance In the Middle of Nowhere
Single releases
January 27, 1986 Brother Louie
April 28, 1986 Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love)

Ready for Romance is the third studio album by the German pop duo Modern Talking . It was released by Hansa Records in May 1986 . It is also subtitled The 3rd Album .

History and content

After two number one albums - whereby the predecessor only managed this in Switzerland and only climbed second place in Germany - Dieter Bohlen tackled the third album in late 1985 / early 1986. Although this is not officially mentioned on the cover, the album was co-produced by his friend Luis Rodriguez . All the pieces on the album were again written by Dieter Bohlen, the vocals are from Thomas Anders . In terms of content, the tracks are often about love and romances, as on previous albums.

The first single Brother Louie was released in advance in January 1986 and again made it to the top of the German single charts, where it stayed for four weeks. It is named after and dedicated to Rodriguez. The second single, Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love) , also released in advance in April 1986, reached number one; for them the duo also received the Golden Lion from Radio Luxemburg .

In 1986 Modern Talking was one of the first western bands to sell their albums in the Soviet Union . People stood in long lines to purchase the duo's albums. The song Hey You was left out on the releases that were pressed there in large numbers.


Manfred Vormstein was again responsible for the design , this time together with M. Kortemeier. The photographs are from Didi Zill . The cover shows two pigeons, a light colored one, shown a little higher in the picture, and a dark gray colored one, which is arranged a little lower in the picture.


The album became a number one album in Germany - where it remained chart-notated for 26 weeks, five of which were at the top from June 16 to July 14, 1986 - as well as in Austria and Switzerland . It also reached high chart positions in the Netherlands and Scandinavia , in Great Britain it reached number 76 as the first and only album by the duo to be charted.

In Germany reached Ready for Romance platinum status . According to the awards, it is Modern Talking's best-selling album of the 1980s, with over 710,000 units sold .

Track list

  1. Brother Louie - 3:41
  2. Just We Two (Mona Lisa) - 3:54
  3. Lady Lai - 4:55
  4. Doctor for My Heart - 3:16
  5. Save Me - Don't Break Me - 3:45
  6. Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love) - 3:48
  7. Keep Love Alive - 3:25
  8. Hey You - 3:20
  9. Angie's Heart - 3:37
  10. Only Love Can Break My Heart - 3:35

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