Island of Beasts

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German title Island of Beasts
Original title Komodo vs. Cobra
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2005
length 94 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Jim Wynorski
script Jim Wynorski
Bill Munroe
production Daniel Gilboy
Michael Paré
music Chuck Cirino
camera Andrea V. Rossotto
cut Randy Carter

Island of Beasts (also marketed under the original title Komodo vs. Cobra ) is an American horror film from 2005. Directed by Jim Wynorski , who is best known for his work in the field of B-movies and trash films .


Two men and a woman are pursued on a South Sea island by a giant Komodo dragon , to which one of the men falls victim. On the run, the second man, who is the woman's father, is killed by an equally huge cobra .

On Bora Bora , Captain Mike Stoddard is assigned by Jerry Ryan and Carrie, activists of the environmental protection organization One Planet , to take them to Damas Island with a film team and another couple to uncover secret animal experiments by the US Army . The group arrives on the island with Stoddard's yacht. During the first exploration, they come across gigantic corn plants and an abandoned villa. There they meet Dr. Susan Richardson, the surviving woman from the beginning of the film, and are also attacked by giant cobras and monitor lizards.

Susan tells what happened on the island: Together with her father, she led a research project called Carnivore to fight hunger in the world by treating crops with animal DNA . When they achieved their first successes, the military, the sponsor of the project, persuaded them to extend their experiments to animals, especially monitor lizards and cobras. When these mutated into giants, the experiment got out of control. Since the radio tower of the research facility was destroyed, no emergency call could be made. A team was sent out for repairs, but disappeared together with the helicopter without a trace. All scientists except Susan were killed.

Meanwhile, the military is back on the island to investigate the situation, as contact with the researchers has been broken. The soldiers who want to explore the island on foot are killed by the mutants. A reconnaissance plane takes pictures of the huge animals, which prompts the responsible general to take all measures necessary to cover up the experiment. In addition, the group around Stoddard is identified by the soldiers. Since the island is a restricted military area, they are considered intruders who, due to the secret experiments the effects of which they have seen, must also be eliminated.

Stoddard tries to get back to his yacht with the other survivors. On the way they find a dying man who reveals himself as the only survivor of the team to repair the radio tower. He and his colleagues were attacked by the mutated monitor lizards immediately after landing in the helicopter, before they could repair the defective radio system. He too dies after coming into contact with the poisonous saliva of the giant monitor. When the group arrives at the beach, they witness Stoddard's yacht being destroyed by a fighter plane with a missile. Since Susan knows that the army will also bomb the island, since the researchers have not reported by radio at the agreed interval, the survivors are looking for a new plan to leave the island.

They decide to go to the radio repair team's helicopter in the hope that it has not yet been destroyed. On the way there, Jerry is attacked by giant leeches while crossing a river . Susan concludes from the giant growth of the leeches that sooner or later all life forms on the island will mutate. When they reach the helicopter, they are attacked by a monitor lizard and a cobra. Jerry sacrifices himself to allow the rest of the group to escape. At the last moment before the army bombs the island, Stoddard manages to start the helicopter and leave the island. The film recordings of the mutated creatures are handed over to a news agency and the secret experiments are presented to the public.


The Internet portal criticizes Islands of Beasts both the actors and the plot and the effects:

“This horror flick produced according to the scheme F is only for film freaks who have too much time. Because the film is a waste of time. The actors are bad, the special effects are boring and the plot is nothing new. When the giant animals eat their victims, it often looks as if they are biting the wrong way and the viewer is amazed that the human is still getting into the depths of the mouth. You get the impression that someone has been playing around with his computer a bit, but has made little effort. The only plus points of the work are the beautiful landscape shots. At least the location scouts really tried hard. "

- Julia Stoll,

The film review website Rotten Tomatoes recorded mostly negative reviews for the film. Only 22% of reviewers gave positive ratings.


  • The budget of the film was about 450,000 US dollars . The DVD was released in the US on July 25, 2006 by Lions Gate Entertainment , in Europe on August 16, 2006 by Cine Plus Home Entertainment.

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