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Ivna Žic (* 1986 in Zagreb ) is a Croatian - Swiss writer and theater director .


Training and theater work

Ivna Žic grew up in Basel and Zurich . From 2006 she first studied Applied Theater Studies at the University of Giessen . From 2008 to 2011 she continued her training with a degree in directing at the Theater Academy Hamburg . During this time the first directorial work was done, including a. Fatzern (based on the Fatzer fragments by Bertolt Brecht ) and Woyzeck (based on Georg Büchner ). In 2009 she realized a project on the Bleiburg massacre in the Zeisehallen Hamburg and Essen , which was to play an important role in other works by the author. She completed her studies with a dramatization and production of Ivana Sajko's novel Rio Bar at the Kampnagel Theater.

At the same time as she was studying directing, Ivna Žic was a participant in the Dramenprozessor authoring project in Zurich . Her first play, Agreement , which was created in this context , was premiered in 2009 at the Zurich Theater an der Winkelwiese . In the same year she was invited to the World Interplay Festival in Australia . From 2011 she studied scenic writing in Graz.

Wanting with their piece of life. Together (later title: The preliminary ), an examination of the isolation of modern people in rented apartments, Ivna Žic won the main jury prize of the 1st authors' competition of the St. Gallen and Konstanz theaters in 2011 . The prize was accompanied by the premiere of the play at the Konstanz Theater , where she also worked as a resident author in the 2011/12 season. In the 2012/13 season she worked in the same position at the Lucerne Theater . Her texts and productions gradually revolved around questions of biography (s), identity (s) and affiliation (s), with a special feel for the gaps and cracks that these questions open up.

In 2013 Ivna Žic received a scholarship from the Literary Colloquium Berlin and received a work grant for literature from the Canton of Zurich . In the summer semester 2013 she was an artistic guest lecturer at the Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Institute for Theater, Film and Media Studies). Her piece Blei , which premiered in Vienna in 2017, approaches the story of her grandfather in the form of documentary theater, who was involved in and survived the death march from Bleiburg at the age of 19 . In the opinion of the theater critic Barbara Petsch, the production illustrated “the breaking of all order and reason vividly” and showed that the “so often brightly illuminated, well-documented history ultimately remains a mystery”.

As a freelance theater director she worked a. a. for the Schauspielhaus Wien , the Schauspiel Essen , the Theater Bielefeld , the Theater am Neumarkt (Zurich) and the Maxim-Gorki-Theater in Berlin.


In 2019, Matthes & Seitz published Ivna Žic's first novel Die Nachkommende , which earned her a nomination for the Swiss Book Prize as well as for the Austrian Book Prize and the Rauris Literature Prize. The story of a young woman's train journey from Paris to Croatia is told. The woman's “grand ancestors”, not least her long-dead grandfather, sit down with her in the compartment, begin to communicate with her and then wander through Zagreb with her. In the field of tension between geographical and linguistic shifts, a family story of new beginnings and emigration is told. The critic Fabian May judged: “The oppressive atmosphere of the warlike 1990s from the perspective of a child, the argument between two passports, which is better - the playwright Žic proves in her first novel an excellent sense for meaningful scenes. […] She raises questions, but is too clever to give answers. A dazzling, polyphonic reading, although we only read the thoughts of a single person from beginning to end. " Paul Jandl praised:" This novel is a great masterpiece on a small scale. "In 2020 Ivna Žic was awarded the Anna Seghers Prize for The Descendants .


Theater texts:

  • Agreement (2009)
  • The Preliminary (2011)
  • When my mother was a daughter (2012)
  • Lead (2017)


  • The descendants (novel, 2019)

Awards (selection)

  • 2011 Main prize of the jury of the 1st authors' competition of the St. Gallen and Konstanz theaters (for the preliminary )
  • 2011 Second place and audience award at the Long Night of New Drama at the Münchner Kammerspiele (for the preliminary )
  • 2015 Dramatist Scholarship from the Federal Chancellery
  • 2020 Anna Seghers Prize (for the descendants )

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