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Jürgen Neukirch (born July 24, 1937 in Dortmund , † February 5, 1997 in Regensburg ) was a German mathematician who dealt with algebraic number theory.

Jürgen Neukirch

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Neukirch studied at the University of Bonn , where he obtained his diploma in 1964 and received his doctorate in 1965 under Wolfgang Krull . He received the Felix Hausdorff Memorial Prize for his dissertation on certain excellent infinite algebraic number fields . In 1966 he completed his habilitation. From 1967 to 1969 he was visiting professor at Queens University in Kingston in Ontario and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge (Massachusetts) . From 1971 he was a professor in Regensburg .

Neukirch worked on the embedding problem for algebraic number fields (which deals with the question of embedding an extension of an algebraic number field in a larger extension with specifications for the Galois groups), special values ​​of L-functions and sentences (with Iwasawa , Ikeda, Uchida) , which today are assigned to Grothendieck's Anabelian geometry (that the isomorphism type of algebraic number fields emerges from their absolute Galois group). In 1992 Neukirch wrote a German-language modern standard work on algebraic number theory, which was also translated into English.

Neukirch also appeared as an amateur actor in self-written pieces and sang and conducted a chamber choir. A collection of mathematical models at the University of Regensburg can also be traced back to him.

His doctoral students include Peter Schneider , Uwe Jannsen , Robert Perlis , Volker Diekert and Michael Spieß . Christopher Deninger , who was his assistant in Regensburg from 1983 to 1989, is one of his post-doctoral candidates .



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