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Wolfgang Krull, Göttingen 1920

Wolfgang Krull (born August 26, 1899 in Baden-Baden , † April 12, 1971 in Bonn ) was a German mathematician . His main focus was commutative algebra .

Krull was the son of a dentist in Baden-Baden and initially studied from 1919 in Freiburg im Breisgau and Rostock , and from 1920/21 also in Göttingen , where he was a student of Felix Klein , but was particularly influenced by his collaboration with Emmy Noether . In 1922 he did his doctorate in Freiburg with Alfred Loewy on accompanying matrices and elementary divider theory and became an associate professor there in 1926. In 1928 he went to Erlangen as a full professor . In 1939 he became the successor of Otto Toeplitz in Bonn, who was already on leave in 1935 because of the racial laws of the National Socialists. He became dean of the mathematics faculty until he was called to the Greifswald naval observatory in 1942, where he worked on mathematical problems of hygrometry. Although he was considered politically charged, he was again admitted as a professor at the University of Bonn, where he stayed until the end of his career.

Krull made a significant contribution to the development of modern ring theory .

After Krull are Krull dimension (1928) Krull topology , Krull reviews, Krull rings , the average rate of Krull and Krull's principal ideal theorem named. With the Krull topology, the main theorem of Galois theory can be extended to infinite body extensions.

He had been married since 1929 and had two daughters. According to his index card available in the BDC, Krull had been a member of the Nazi teachers' association since August 1, 1933, membership in the NSDAP was claimed in a "list of politically charged professors and lecturers" of the University of Bonn from December 1, 1945 but do not confirm elsewhere.


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