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Jacek Mickiewicz (born April 17, 1970 in Dzierżoniów , Lower Silesian Voivodeship , Poland ) is a former Polish cyclist .

Jacek Mickiewicz has been a constant participant in the International Peace Tour throughout his cycling career and won several stages of this tour. In 1992 he started for Poland at the Olympic Games in Barcelona .

In 1995 Jacek Mickiewicz came into contact with professional cycling in a Belgian team . A year later he started with the Polish team Mróz , a forerunner of the Mróz Active Jet team , and stayed there until 2000. After a year in the Polish team Atlas-Ambra , he drove for the Polish team CCC-Polsat from the 2002 season . With this team Mickiewicz ended his cycling career in 2004.


year success run
1990 3. Road Championship Poland
1991 winner 1st stage International peace trip
1992 winner 1st stage, part b Milk Race
22nd Olympic games
1993 winner 11th stage Milk Race
1994 winner National Championship Poland
winner 5th stage Tour of Poland
1995 3. National Championship Poland
winner 1st stage, part a Bavaria tour
1996 winner 4th stage, part b Peace ride
1997 winner 2nd stage Course de la Solidarité Olympique
8th stage
10th stage
winner prolog Peace ride
1st stage
5th stage
2. Overall rating Tour de Normandy
1998 winner 2nd stage GP Mosqueteiros – Rota do Marquês (Portugal)
1999 3. 1st stage Japan tour
2000 winner Overall rating Kalisz – Konin (Poland)
winner 1st stage Japan tour
2002 winner 1st stage Szlakiem Grodow Piastowskich (Poland)
3rd stage
winner 7th stage International peace trip
winner 2nd stage Course de la Solidarité Olympique
4th stage
winner 1st stage Dookoła Mazowsza
5th stage
Overall rating


  1. 1992, Milk Race, 1st stage: part a = team time trial 22.5 km; Part b = stage 109 km. → Cycling sites
  2. 1996, Friedensfahrt, 4th stage: part a = individual time trial 23 km; Part b = stage 128 km. → Cycling sites

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