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Jan Zach

Jan Zach , also Johann Zach , (baptized November 26, 1713 at Brandeis an der Elbe ; † May 24, 1773 in Ellwangen ) was a Czech composer and conductor .


Zach applied to be music director for St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague , but was not accepted. In 1747 he left the city and hired himself out as a successor to Johann Ondratschek († April 26, 1743), who had also come from Bohemia, as a violinist and conductor for the Archbishop of Mainz Johann Friedrich Karl von Ostein .

From 1756 he was without a permanent job and stayed on his travels through Europe, mainly Italy, Germany and Austria, by selling his compositions . Zach's early works are based on baroque music , while later he approached the newly emerging pre-classical music .


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