Jean IV (Armagnac)

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Jean IV d'Armagnac (born October 15, 1396 in Rodez , † November 5, 1450 in l'Isle-Jourdain ) was Count of Armagnac , Fézensac and Rodez from 1418 . He is the son of Connétable Bernard VII d'Armagnac and his wife Bonne de Berry, and the brother of Bernard d'Armagnac , Count of Pardiac and La Marche , and Duke of Nemours .


His father had the Comminges after the death of his brother Jean III. seized by force, but Jean IV could not prevent the remarriage of his sister-in-law and heiress Marguerite de Comminges, now with Mathieu de Foix , in 1419 , so that the area was finally lost to him.

In 1425 he paid homage to the King of Castile for the Armagnac . The King of France , engaged in his struggle against the English, could not intervene, but neither did he forget the affront. A little later Jean IV arranged the marriage of his daughter Isabelle to King Henry VI. of England , but withdrew the agreement after threats from the French king. In 1440 he took part in the Praguerie , the conspiracy of the nobility with the participation of the Dauphin , later King Louis XI. which, after King Charles VII's victory, ended with a pardon for the insurgents. But when Jean still refused to submit completely, Charles VII sets the Dauphin on the march against his former ally. Jean IV was besieged at L'Isle-Jourdain , captured and imprisoned in Carcassonne in 1443 and held for three years. His counties were now administered by royal officials, something that did not change after his release and until his death.


On June 16, 1407, Jean IV married Blanche de Bretagne (* 1395; † 1419) in Nantes , a daughter of Duke Johann IV and Jeann d'Évreux. From this marriage he had a daughter, Bonne (* 1416, † before 1448). In his second marriage, he married Isabella of Navarra on May 10, 1419, (* 1395; † 1450), daughter of King Charles III. and Eleanor of Castile . Children from this marriage were:

  • Marie (* 1420; † 1473), ⚭ 1437 Jean II (* 1409; † 1476), Duke of Alençon .
  • Jean V. (* 1420; † 1473), Viscount de Lomagne , then Comte d'Armagnac, de Fézensac et de Rodez.
  • Éléonore (* 1423; † 1456), ⚭ 1446 Louis de Chalon (1389 † 1463), Prince d'Orange, Seigneur d'Arlay et d'Arguel.
  • Charles I. (* 1425; † 1497), Viscount de Fézensaguet, then Comte d'Armagnac, de Fézensac et de Rodez.
  • Isabelle (* 1430 † 1476), Dame des Quatre-Vallées.

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