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Jeroen Oerlemans ( May 15, 1970 in Vught , North Brabant Province , The Netherlands - October 2, 2016 in Sirte , Libya ) was a Dutch photographer and war correspondent who mainly worked in the war zones in the Middle East and Afghanistan . His photographs have been published in Newsweek , Time , The Guardian , International Herald Tribune , The Sunday Times and Courrier International , among others .

Jeroen Oerlemans was in the Libyan city of Sirte from an IS - sniper shot.


Oerlemans was born in Vught in the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant . He studied political science / international relations at the University of Amsterdam and then photojournalism at the London College of Communication (LCC) (University of Arts London).

As a freelance photographer, he reported from numerous conflict areas: Afghanistan , Haiti , Pakistan and almost all countries in the Middle East ( Iraq , Iran , Lebanon , Sudan , Libya , Syria , Israel and the Palestinian autonomous regions ). In the last years of his life he worked mainly in Afghanistan, Libya and Syria. His photographs have been published in numerous newspapers, journals and magazines.

In July 2012, Oerlemans and the British photographer John Cantlie were kidnapped by radical Islamists in northern Syria and held captive for a week. Both were liberated by fighters of the Free Syrian Army .

In September and beginning of October 2016 he reported for the Belgian magazine Knack on the offensive by pro-government forces against the ISIS jihadist militia in the city of Sirte. Fierce fighting took place. Oerlemans accompanied a mine clearance squad in a district of Sirte that appeared to have been liberated by IS fighters. There Oerlemans was hit by an IS sniper and transported to the Misrata hospital , where only his death could be determined. According to the statements of the journalist Joanie de Rijke, who accompanied him, Oerlemans was clearly recognizable as a journalist. He was wearing a bulletproof vest and helmet when he was hit, "but the bullet hit him on the side, at the opening of his vest ... The only consolation is that he was dead instantly and didn't have to suffer."

Bert Koenders , the Dutch Foreign Minister, said on Oerleman's death: “Oerlemans was a journalist who went through where others stopped, driven to bring the news in pictures, especially in the trouble spots of the world. A great photographer is gone. "(" Oerlemans was a journalist who went on where others would have stopped, driven by the will to put news in photos, especially from the trouble spots of this world. A great photographer is dead. ")

CPJ Managing Director Robert Mahoney said: "The death of Jeroen Oerlemans is a reminder that those who bring us images and video from the frontlines often pay the heaviest price." Deliver pictures and videos of the front lines, often paying the highest price. ")

When he wasn't in conflict areas, Oerlemans lived in Amsterdam. He leaves behind his wife and three young children.

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