Jersey pound

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Jersey pound
Country: jerseyjersey jersey
Subdivision: 100 pence
ISO 4217 code : none
Abbreviation: £ , JEP
Exchange rate :
(August 27, 2020)

1 JEP = 1  GBP (fixed)

EUR  = 0.89505 JEP
1 JEP = 1.1173 EUR

CHF  = 0.8326 JEP
1 JEP = 1.2011 CHF

The Jersey Pound (Engl. Jersey Pound , Jersey £ ) is the currency of the island Jersey .

ATMs with the option to choose between English and Jersey money

The value of the Jersey pound corresponds exactly to the British pound . It is the standard currency of the islanders, but sterling can also be used anywhere in Jersey.

The banknotes issued since 2010 appeared for the first time in three languages ​​(English / French / Jèrriais ). The front is in English, the back in French ("États de Jersey", value in Livres) and in the lower right area of ​​the back the information in Jèrriais (value in Louis).

Outside Jersey, the Jersey pound is only used in the States of Guernsey ; H. essentially recognized as valid tender on the neighboring Channel Islands of Guernsey , Sark , Herm and Alderney .

The States of Guernsey , which includes the smaller Channel Islands Guernsey with Alderney, Herm and Sark as the largest islands, have their own currency, the Guernsey pound , which is also linked to the pound sterling in terms of value and is only recognized as a means of payment in the Channel Islands .

A designation according to ISO 4217 does not exist; the usual abbreviation is JEP.

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