Jessabelle-The Prophecy

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German title Jessabelle-The Prophecy
Original title Jessabelle
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2014
length 90 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Kevin Greutert
script Robert Ben Garant
production Jason Blum ,
Peter Principato ,
Paul Young
music Anton Sanko
camera Michael Fimognari
cut Kevin Greutert

Jessabelle - The Prediction (Original title: Jessabelle ) is an American horror film from 2014 . Directed by Kevin Greutert , the script was written by Robert Ben Garant . In Germany, the film was released directly on DVD and Blu-ray on November 26, 2015.


The pregnant Jessabelle "Jessie" Laurent is driving home with her fiancé Mark. When Mark is not paying attention, a truck drives into her car. Mark dies and Jessie miscarries and is immediately dependent on a wheelchair.

Two months later, Jessie is forced to move to Louisiana to live with her father Leon . She has not seen him since childhood because her mother Kate died of a brain tumor and he gave her to her aunt. Jessie now sleeps in her late mother's former bedroom. One day Jessie finds a box with three videotapes on which her heavily pregnant mother filmed herself, congratulating her on her 18th birthday and letting her the cards. She says she was taught how to do this by her friend Moses. Her mother is shocked to find out that Jessie will die soon according to the cards, but is hardly worried about it.

Jessie was plagued by terrifying nightmares from then on. Repeatedly she dreams of a dark-haired woman sitting in her wheelchair, threatening or killing her. When asked who this woman is, she always replies: "Jessabelle!". Although her father keeps emphasizing that Jessie shouldn't watch the videotapes, she doesn't listen to him because that's how she should get to know her late mother. Leon takes the video tapes away from her and wants to burn them in the garden, but his shirt catches fire in the shed and the shed closes by itself. Screaming and crying, Jessie has to watch her father die without being able to come to his aid.

At her father's funeral, Jessie meets her childhood friend Preston. He is now unhappily married and lives in a poor trailer park. He supports Jessie and also watches the remaining video tapes with her. She confides in him the mystery of "Jessabelle" and wants to find out who this being is. At the other end of the lake, which separates the property from the forest, the two discover a small grave with "Jessabelle" and Jessie's birthday on it. Jessie and Preston report that there is also a child's body in this grave and ask the town's sheriff to do a DNA sample. It turns out that this child was black and was believed to have been brutally murdered.

Jessie watches the last and fourth videotapes alone, in which her mother keeps crying and predicts that Jessie is supposedly dead and that Jessabelle will get what she is entitled to. Kate's ghost appears in the bedroom and reveals the truth to Jessie: "Jessabelle" was her biological daughter and that of Moses and arose from their mutual affair. Angry about the affair, Leon killed Jessabelle and, to cover up the shame, adopted a white baby, namely Jessie, and from then on pretended it was her birth child. The ghost of Kate kills Jessie by handcuffing her to her wheelchair and throwing her into the lake. Just before Jessie drowns, Jessabelle invades her body and continues to live in hers.


The film received mostly mixed to negative reviews. At Metacritic , the film received a Metascore of 37/100 based on 14 reviews, with Rotten Tomatoes 26 percent of the 31 reviews were positive.

The film service believes that Jessabelle is a “solid horror film” that “is rather bloodless” and instead “with a swampy southern ambience and supernatural booth magic”.

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