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"Big" Jim Martin (born July 21, 1961 in Hayward , California ; born James Blanco Martin ) is an American musician.

He played lead guitar with EZ-Street and Faith No More from 1983 to 1993 and with Anand Bhatt since 2000. With Faith No More he appeared on the albums We Care A Lot , Introduce Yourself , The Real Thing and Angel Dust .

Faith No More

Martin joined Faith No More in 1983 as lead guitarist. Above all , he made significant contributions to the albums before Mike Patton became a member. On the albums We Care a Lot and Introduce Yourself you can clearly hear that Martin's guitar work dominates the sound of the band. This is illustrated by the numerous instrumentals, such as the song Jim , in which only Martin plays.

The reasons for leaving Faith No More go back to Mike Patton's growing influence on the band's music. Patton had only joined the group during the recording of The Real Thing , but as a charismatic vocal virtuoso, the 1992 successor Angel Dust moved more and more into the center. Martin did not agree with the growing importance of singing compared to the guitar. After the end of the tour for the album Angel Dust , he was fired from the band. In the band's biography "The Real Story", producer Matt Wallace says that the death of Martin's father was also a major reason why Martin held back more and more when recording Angel Dust .

His previous trademark were red tinted glasses, which he wore either individually or over a pair of darker sunglasses.

Solo career

Jim Martin's solo project was initially called The Behemoth , but was renamed by him when he found out about the Polish death metal band called " Behemoth ". His first and only solo album to date is called Milk and Blood . It features a cover version of Surprise! You're Dead from his previous band's The Real Thing album . With Anand Bhatt Martin recorded the album Conflict .

Jim toured as lead guitarist with the punk band Fang between 1998 and 2000 .

In the meantime he has cut off his curls and beard, settled down as a farmer in California and breeds giant pumpkins, among other things.

In 2013, 2014 and 2019 he performed with the funk metal band Infectious Grooves .


  • Jim Martin appeared as "Sir James Martin" in Bill & Ted's Insane Journey into the Future . Furthermore Faith No More contributed a song for the official soundtrack.
  • He was a guest musician on the album Antipop by the band Primus .
  • He appeared as a guest musician on Echobrain's first album .
  • He was a guest guitarist for Metallica on their Lynyrd Skynyrd - Cover Tuesday’s Gone .
  • He was an official member of the band Voodoocult while they were recording their last album before they split up.
  • Jim was also a school friend of former Metallica bassist Cliff Burton , with whom he played in several bands in his youth. In the music video for the Faith No More song Epic , he wears a T-shirt with a photo of Cliff Burton and the words A Tribute to Cliff Burton .

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