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Johann Georg Benda ( Jan Jiři Benda ; baptized April 16 or August 30, 1713 in Neu Benatek , † 1752 in Berlin ) was a Bohemian composer.

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Johann Georg Benda was the second son of the linen weaver and musician Hans Georg Benda and his wife Dorothea (1686–1762), née Brixi, daughter of the village cantor Heinrich Brixi in Skalsko . He followed his brother Franz Benda as a violinist to Dresden , later to Berlin, where he worked as a chamber musician at the Prussian court. Flute sonatas and capriccios for violin by Benda have come down to us.

Numerous other works appeared under his name, the allocation of which is doubtful: In the Benda family there are two more that bear the name Johann, descendants of Joseph Benda, the brother of Johann Georg Benda, namely a son Johann Friedrich Ernst Benda (* 10 October 1749; † February 24, 1785), and his son Johann Wilhelm Otto Benda (* October 30, 1775; † March 28, 1832).

Johann Friedrich Ernst Benda in particular could be considered as composer of the dubious works. Together with a colleague, the violist Carl Ludwig Bachmann, he founded lovers' concerts, the members of which were mainly amateurs. It stands to reason that he brought in his own violin concertos in particular.

Franz Lorenz published two volumes of Biographies of the Benda Family at Verlag Walter de Gruyter & Co. Berlin. The announced third volume with catalog raisonnés was not published for reasons that are not clear. Since Lorenz dedicated the second volume to his grandchildren, it is possible that he died before the catalog raisonné was completed.

The State Library of Prussian Cultural Heritage in Berlin owns the handwritten thematic directory without sources and It contains the works of the following members of the family:

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  1. Her cousin Simon Brixi was the choirmaster of the Prague parish church of St. Martin, whose son was the composer, organist and cathedral music director in Prague, Franz Xaver Brixi
  2. under Jan Jiri Benda he is repeatedly attributed the violin concerto in G major with the slow middle section "Grave" in E minor, a kind of aria for solo violin, audio sample with Christian Benda (see Benda (families) ) [1] at You Tube