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Johann Konrad Rechsteiner (born September 27, 1797 in Speicher ; † November 14, 1858 in Eichberg ; resident in Speicher) was a Swiss theologian , Reformed pastor and botanist from the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden .


Johann Konrad Rechsteiner was a son of Johann Rechsteiner, wealthy Mousselin - factory owner and councilor, and Anna Magdalena Nänni. He was a nephew of Johann Bartholome Rechsteiner . From around 1810 he attended Pastor Gottlieb Zehnder's college in Gottstatt and then the grammar school in St. Gallen . He studied philosophy and theology at the St. Gallen College of Scholars. He was ordained in 1818 . From 1818 to 1820 he studied theology and natural sciences at the University of Halle . He worked as a vicar in Walzenhausen and Marbach . From 1822 to 1824 he was pastor in Ennetbühl , from 1824 to 1829 in Schönengrund and from 1830 to 1844 in Teufen . In 1823 he married Louise Hauser, daughter of Heinrich Hauser, orphan judge in Wädenswil . He entered into a second marriage in 1828 with Anna Graf, daughter of Johann Ulrich Graf. From 1844 to 1845 he stayed in Zurich . From 1845 to 1858 he worked as a pastor in Eichberg.

Rechsteiner campaigned for the improvement of the school system in his communities. In Appenzell Ausserrhoden he was a member of the commission for the introduction of the new liturgy , the state school commission and the canton school commission in 1838 . His herbarium, with around 12,000 species from Switzerland and abroad, was one of the most comprehensive in Switzerland. Most of its collections of minerals , mollusks , corals and fossils went to the Natural History Museum St. Gallen . Rechsteiner exchanged letters and plants with respected botanists. He was a member of various domestic and foreign scientific societies. Among other things, he wrote a concise dictionary to explain the foreign words and idioms most often found in books and writings as well as in common life for non-scholars e, published in 1824. The rare Lake Constance forget-me-not Myosotis rehsteineri is named after him.



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