Josef Alois Jüstel

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Josef Alois Jüstel, lithograph by Josef Kriehuber , 1844

Josef Alois Jüstel (born February 7, 1765 in Leitmeritz , Bohemia , † April 7, 1858 in Vienna ) was a moral theologian and politician .

Live and act

Jüstel was ordained a priest in 1788 . In 1783 he was promoted to Dr. phil. and in 1790 Dr. theol. PhD . In the same year he became a professor of moral theology . From 1798 to 1814 he was director of the Graz University Library , which at that time only had the status of a lyceum library for a while.

In 1803 Jüstel became a consultant for the Styrian school system. In 1815 he became court advisor and advisor for studies and censorship in Vienna . He later held other high government offices. In 1823 and 1839 he was rector of the University of Vienna , from 1835 until his death he was provost of the royal collegiate chapter of St. Peter and Paul on Vyšehrad ( Prague ).