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Joseph Listl SJ (born October 21, 1929 in Mariaort ; † August 23, 2013 in Unterhaching ) was a German religious and legal scholar.


Joseph Listl entered the Jesuit order after graduating from high school. He studied philosophy and theology at the Berchmanskolleg in Pullach and at the Philosophical-Theological University of St. Georgen . In 1958 he was ordained a priest . From 1960 Listl studied law at the University of Bonn . He completed his studies in 1966 with the first state examination in law. In 1970 he received his doctorate from Ulrich Scheuner in Bonn .

In 1977 habilitated to Listl at the University of Bochum in Paul Mikat .

From 1971 to 1997 Listl was the founding director of the Institute for State Church Law of the Dioceses of Germany in Bonn. From 1977 until his retirement in 1998 he was professor of canon law at the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Augsburg .

In 1999 Listl was honored with a commemorative publication for his scientific work. Listl received another commemorative publication on his 75th birthday.

Listl dealt in his academic work with the relationship between state and church - on the one hand from the perspective of state law and on the other hand from the perspective of Catholic canon law . In addition to his purely academic work, Listl also worked as a legal advisor to the Catholic Church. After his death, the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference , Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, praised him as an "authoritative Catholic state church lawyer of the 20th century".


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