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Justus Cobet (born May 25, 1939 in Frankfurt am Main ) is a German ancient historian .

The son of a bookseller and a librarian attended grammar school in his hometown of Frankfurt am Main and then studied classical philology and history at the universities in Tübingen , Frankfurt am Main and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania . Cobet received his doctorate in 1968 in Frankfurt am Main with Harald Patzer on the subject of Herodotus excursions and the question of the unity of his work . He then worked as a research assistant from 1969 and from 1970 to 1979 research assistant at the Seminar for Ancient History in Frankfurt with Jochen Bleicken and Eberhard Ruschenbusch . In 1970/1971 Cobet received a travel grant from the German Archaeological Institute .

From 1979 until his retirement in 2004, Justus Cobet was Professor of Ancient History and History Didactics at the University of Essen . Since his retirement he has continued to work there as a lecturer.

The main research areas of Cobet's scientific work are ancient historiography and its history, the history of archaic Greece , the connections and intersections between ancient history and classical archeology , the history of science, specialist history, history of impact, history of reception, theory and didactics of ancient history, the history of Miletus as well ancient Troy , its exploration and its discoverer Heinrich Schliemann .


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