Jewel heist in Hollywood

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German title Jewel heist in Hollywood
Original title The Stolen Jools
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1931
length 19 minutes
Director William C. McGann

The cast in the order of their appearance

Jewel robbery in Hollywood (English title The Stolen Jools ) is an American short film - comedy thriller by William C. McGann from the year 1931st


At the annual Movie Stars Ball, Norma Shearer's jewels were stolen. The police are asked at gunpoint by Edward G. Robinson and George E. Stone to clarify that the jewels "have been stolen from them." After an odyssey of interviewing the movie stars at the ball about the jewels, Mitzi Green reveals that she saw Edward G. Robinson and George E. Stone put it in a box and suspected something was wrong . Out of honesty, she took it.


The film was produced by Blackhawk Films in cooperation with Chesterfield Cigarettes for charity . The film was Chesterfield's contribution to the work of the National Variety Artists Tuberculosis Sanitarium . As a Production Supervisor was EK needle operates. The film premiered on April 4, 1931. After the performance, the audience was asked for donations for the charitable institution.

In the UK the film was known as The Slippery Pearls ; the title card has the film title The Stolen Jools .


The star cast in the order of their appearance:

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