Kingdom of Mallorca

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Kingdom of Mallorca
Regne de Mallorca
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Majorca and the Balearic Islands (14th-20th Centuries) .svg
coat of arms
Mapa de la Corona de Mallorca.png
Kingdom of Mallorca from 1276-1349
Official language Catalan
Capital Perpinyà (residence), Palma (island capital)
founding 1229
resolution 1715

The Kingdom of Mallorca ( Catalan Regne de Mallorca , Latin Balearicum Regnum ) was a sub- kingdom of the Crown of Aragón that existed from 1229 to 1715 and was located on territories in the northeast of today's Spain and in the south of today's France . The kingdom was associated with the Crown of Aragon throughout its existence, being ruled by a side branch of the Aragonese royal family between 1276 and 1344. During this time it included the Balearic Islands , after which it is alternatively named "Kingdom of the Balearic Islands", also today's French Rossilló , the Cerdanya and the dominion of Montpellier ; the capital was Perpinyà .


James I , King of Aragón, wrested Majorca , the main island of the Balearic Islands, from Abu Yahia , the Islamic governor of the Almohads, in 1229 . Jacob II of Mallorca inherited as the younger brother of Peter III. in 1276 the Balearic Islands and the Catalan counties of Rosselló , Cerdanya and the city of Montpellier , which he proclaimed as the independent kingdom of Mallorca. However, this separation was a thorn in the side of his brother Peter and his successors.

The kingdom flourished under James II and his successor Sancho I. The piracy was initially eradicated; Shipbuilding, armory and weaving mills supplied sought-after products. Maritime trade flourished, the population increased and new cities were founded. Majorcan seafarers continued to advance on the Atlantic coast of Africa and the cartographers of Mallorca enjoyed a worldwide reputation.

In 1344, the troops of Peter IV of Aragón conquered the territory of James III. , the Balearic Islands and the County of Rosselló. Peter reintroduced these areas into the territories of the Crown of Aragon. Montpellier was founded by James III in 1349. sold to France , but shortly afterwards he had to flee. In the same year he returned with a few troops to retake his kingdom, but fell in the Battle of Llucmajor .


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