Küpper (river)

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Kipper, Polish: Miedzianka
Küpper in Bogatynia

Küpper in Bogatynia

location Bogatynia Municipality , Powiat Zgorzelecki , Lower Silesian Voivodeship , Poland
River system Or
Drain over Lusatian Neisse  → Oder  → Baltic Sea
origin Confluence of Miedzianka (Erlichtbach) and Ślad
50 ° 54 ′ 57 ″  N , 14 ° 56 ′ 52 ″  E
muzzle near Trzciniec Dolny (Lehde) opposite the Saxon village of Hirschfelde in the Lusatian Neisse Coordinates: 50 ° 56 '39 "  N , 14 ° 53' 44"  E 50 ° 56 '39 "  N , 14 ° 53' 44"  E

length 5.5 km

The Küpper , also called Kipper ( Miedzianka in Polish ) is a right tributary of the Lusatian Neisse in Poland .

It arises below Bogatynia (Reichenau) through the confluence of the Erlichtbach, also Erlbach (Polish Miedzianka , Czech Oleška ) and the Schladebach (Polish Ślad ).

The village of Türchau ( Turoszów ) used to be located on the Küpper and fell victim to the opencast mine. The river has been severely straightened today. The Turów opencast mine is to the left of the Küpper and large spoil heaps are located on the right bank.

The Küpper has a length of 5.5 km and flows into the Neisse at Trzciniec Dolny (Lehde) opposite the Saxon village of Hirschfelde .

Despite its short course, the Küpper has a strong water inflow from the Jizera Mountains when it rains . In the past, this led to flood damage several times, for example on July 30, 1897. On May 26, 1916, the Erlichtbach flooded Reichenau and destroyed numerous houses. On August 26th 1938 the Küppersdamm broke near Türchau and the water masses flooded the village. After heavy rain, the brook turned into a torrent again on August 7, 2010, causing severe damage in Bogatynia.

see also: Floods and natural disasters in Saxony , 1897, 2010

In the Küpper valley runs the Polish voivodship road 352, which is the most important connection between the city located in a corner between the Czech Republic and Germany and the rest of the country. The railway connection from Bogatynia to Turoszów , which was built as a connection to the Neisse Valley Railway and is now only used for freight traffic, runs along the Küpper.


The Erlichtbach in Bogatynia on September 27, 2010 with increased water flow

The Erlichtbach ( Oleška ) rises in the Czech Republic north of Oldřichov v Hájích (Buschullersdorf) on the northern slopes of the Špičák and Stržový vrch in the western Jizera Mountains from several source streams that unite at the Nichtovy Domky (non-houses).

It then runs as Dietrichsbach in an easterly direction through the villages Dětřichov u Frýdlantu (Dittersbach) and Heřmanice u Frýdlantu (Hermsdorf), behind which it flows after approx. 12 km into Polish territory. There the places Markocice (Markersdorf) and Bogatynia follow . In total, the stream has a length of approx. 18 km.


The Schladebach rises north of Václavice (Wetzwalde) on Kamenný vrch (Steinberg) in the Czech Republic and flows in a northerly direction, where it reaches Polish territory after a kilometer. The former health resort Opolno Zdrój (Bad Oppelsdorf) is located on the Schladebach .

The body of water, which previously flowed northwards past the Reibersdorf district of Wald , was channeled below Opolno Zdrój and diverted to a new river bed to the east on the outskirts of Bogatynia around the Turów opencast mine . Today the Schladebach is 7.5 km long.