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Old St. Matthew Cemetery Berlin, Karl Friederich's family grave

Karl Friederichs (born April 7, 1831 in Delmenhorst , † October 18, 1871 in Berlin ) was a German archaeologist.


Karl Friederichs studied philology at the University of Göttingen under Karl Friedrich Hermann and at the University of Erlangen under Hofmann and Karl Friedrich Nägelsbach , later devoted himself to archaeological studies in Berlin under Eduard Gerhard's direction and wanted to do his habilitation as a lecturer in Erlangen , but returned Gerhard's request to produce the museum catalog back to Berlin. There he was appointed associate professor. In 1868 he was appointed director of the Berlin antiquarian shop . In 1860 and 1867 he toured Italy, then, although he had had lung disease since 1864, went to Cyprus on behalf of the museum to make important purchases, and also visited Egypt, Athens and Sicily.

Karl Friedrichs died at the age of forty on October 18, 1871 in Berlin and found his final resting place in the Old St. Matthew Cemetery in Schöneberg . The simple family grave with the marble cushion stones is not far from the memorial stele for the murdered officers from July 20, 1944.

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