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Karl Knoke (born October 15, 1841 in Schmedenstedt , † October 22, 1920 in Göttingen ) was a German Lutheran theologian, university professor and abbot.


During his studies in Göttingen and Erlangen Knoke was in 1862 a member of the Black Castle Bund - connection Burschenschaft Germania Göttingen .

From 1865 to 1867 Knoke worked as a private tutor before he was appointed city school rector in Walsrode in 1867 . In 1869 he accepted the position of teacher at the local school teacher seminar in Alfeld . Around six years later, in 1875, he moved to Wunstorf as director of the school teacher seminar there.

In 1881 Knoke became a full professor of theology and from 1892 was second and from 1902 to 1906 first university preacher at the University of Göttingen . In 1904 he became abbot of the Bursfelde monastery . From 1912 to 1920 he was also an extraordinary spiritual member of the state consistory in Hanover.

Knoke published numerous theological writings. His "Outline of Practical Theology" saw several new editions.

The University of Göttingen awarded Karl Knoke an honorary doctorate .


  • Expert opinion on the new hymnal draft (Hanover 1880)
  • Outline of practical theology. An aid to studying practical theology (Göttingen 1886)
  • Practical theological commentary on the pastoral letters of the Apostle Paul (Göttingen 1887–1889)
  • History of the free tables at the Georg-Augusts-Universität zu Göttingen (Hannover 1893)
  • Outline of pedagogy and its history since the age of humanism from the Protestant standpoint (Berlin 1894)
  • Right and duty of the Protestant Church with regard to the religious instruction of its growing youth (Gütersloh 1912)
  • Low German school system. At the time of the Franco-Westphalian rule 1803–1813 (= Monumenta Germaniae Paedagogica , Volume 54). Weidmann, Berlin 1915


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