Olomouc Charterhouse

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Olomouc Charterhouse (Czech Republic)
Olomouc Charterhouse
Olomouc Charterhouse
The location of the Charterhouse on the map of the Czech Republic.

The Carthusian Monastery of Olomouc (also "Kartause Domus Vallis Josephat"; Czech Kartouza Olomouc ; Latin Cartusia Olumucensis ) was a monastery of the Carthusian Order in Olomouc . The Olomouc Charterhouse was the successor to the Dolein Charterhouse, which perished during the Hussite Wars .


The Dolein Charterhouse, built between 1388 and 1409, was captured by the Hussites in 1425 and used as a base for attacks on the Catholic Olomouc. Since the Dolein monks had fled to Olomouc, they bought a house with a chapel in Olomouc from Mařík von Radovesnice in 1428, which was called the Sternberghaus after the previous owner . Even after the Hussites had withdrawn from Dolein, the monks had to stay in Olomouc, as the Dolein Charterhouse was bought and razed by the local citizens in 1437.

In the same year, the monks began to build the Olomouc Charterhouse, which was completed around 1443 and was given the name "Domus Vallis Josephus". The monastery church, consecrated to the "Assumption of Mary", was not built until the 1460s. The Augustinian canons who had been expelled from Landskron and who had agreed to a prayer fraternity with the Dolein Charterhouse during peacetime also settled near the Charterhouse .

In 1617, Prior Franz von Bernkastel ( František z Bernkastlu ) sent monks to Stiep , where they were supposed to set up a charterhouse at the request of Albrecht von Waldstein , who had come to Stiep in 1609 through his marriage to Lucretia von Landek. It was not completed because of the outbreak of the Thirty Years War and was transferred to Karthaus Walditz in 1623 . The monks sent to Stiep returned to the Olomouc Charterhouse.

After the Thirty Years War the economic situation of the Olomouc Charterhouse improved. In 1669 the Doubravice dominion was acquired and in 1675 the reconstruction of the monastery complex began. The monastery church received seven new altars, which were consecrated in 1690. New choir stalls were purchased for the monks, based on the model of the Brno Charterhouse . At the beginning of the 18th century the villages of Pavlov, Lechovice and Radnice were acquired. Prior Wiedemann had a new library built for the extensive collection of manuscripts , incunabula and other valuable books. In 1776, the Olomouc bishop Matthias Franz Chorinský von Ledska consecrated a new main altar and the side altars of the Twelve Apostles and the Martyrs in the renovated monastery church and the altar of St. John of Nepomuk .

From 1762 the Olomouc Charterhouse belonged to the newly created Austrian Carthusian Province. On January 19, 1782, the Charterhouse was abolished by the Bohemian King Joseph II as part of the Josephine reforms . The last prior Antonín Skyba and sixteen monks had to leave the monastery. The monastery and church inventory as well as the works of art were sold and a military bakery was set up in the monastery buildings. Between 1839 and 1846 a barracks was built on the site of the former Charterhouse.

The monastery archives came to the Provincial Archives in Brno . The Olomouc State Library has 134 manuscripts from the monastery library. The choir stalls from the former monastery church were moved to the Holy Cross Church ( Kostel Povýšení svatého kříže ) in Proßnitz .

The name variant Stephan von Olmütz occasionally given for the Carthusian Stephan von Dolein is incorrect. Stephan, who died in 1421, was prior of Dolein until his death, but he did not live to see the establishment of the Olomouc Charterhouse.

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