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Kasra (كَسْرَة) is an optional character in the Arabic script that is used to vocalize text. It is used to identify the short vowel i (as in "Rind"). The kasra, a short slash, is placed under the consonants to be vocalized (indicated as a circle in the graphic). A subsequent Ya can stretch the short vowel i to ī .


A kasra is also used to denote the genitive ending -i (for specific nouns and adjectives). If the genitive ending is indeterminate, the ending is -in , and two kasra ( kasratān , see also nunation ) are used.

In Persian the character is called Kasre or Zīr and stands for an inextensible e . The Turkish name is Esre .

Kasra in Unicode

Unicode codepoint U + 0650
Unicode name ARABIC KASRA
HTML & # 1616;
ISO 8859-6 unavailable

Kasratān in Unicode

Unicode codepoint U + 064D
HTML & # 1613;
ISO 8859-6 unavailable

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