Ecclesiastical Province of Rome

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Ecclesiastical Province of Rome
Basic data
Country Italy , Vatican City
Church region Lazio
Metropolitan bishopric Diocese of Rome
surface 5,443 km²
Parishes 1,448
Residents 5,731,000
Catholics 5,324,000
proportion of 92.9%
Diocesan priest 2,966
Religious priest 4,557
Catholics per priest 708
Permanent deacons 232
Friars 6,915
Religious sisters 27,153

The ecclesiastical province of Rome is the only ecclesiastical province of the Lazio region of the Roman Catholic Church in Italy .

The ecclesiastical province of Rome includes the diocese of Rome as a metropolitan seat and the seven suburbicarian bishoprics as suffragan seats .

The other dioceses of the ecclesiastical region of Latium, on the other hand, do not belong to the ecclesiastical province of Rome, which are immediately subordinate to the Holy See without being assigned to an ecclesiastical province .

Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Rome is the respective bishop of Rome , currently Pope Francis .

The Lateran Basilica , Cathedral of Rome


Organization of the ecclesiastical province of Rome since 1981:

  • Diocese of Rome
  1. Diocese of Albano
  2. Diocese of Frascati
  3. Diocese of Ostia
  4. Diocese of Palestrina
  5. Diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina
  6. Diocese of Sabina-Poggio Mirteto
  7. Diocese of Velletri-Segni

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