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Léon Millot is a red wine variety bred in 1911 in the Oberlin Institute in Colmar , Alsace by the French breeder Eugène Kuhlmann ( 1858 - 1932 ) . It is a cross between (Vitis riparia x Vitis rupestris) x Goldriesling.

Léon Millot is precocious, with high fungus resistance against the Real and downy mildew as well as against Botrytis cinerea . This means that plant protection products can largely be dispensed with. This variety is especially suitable for cooler areas because of its early ripeness. Depending on the expansion, a strong wine with a light Fox tone is created .

In addition to Switzerland (vineyards approx. 11 hectares, status 2007, source: Office fédéral de l'agriculture OFAG), it is cultivated in Alsace and Canada . Since it is a hybrid grape , cultivation was banned in Germany in the 1930s and may only be grown in experimental cultivation. In the 1960s, tests were carried out in the Ahr wine-growing region with positive results. On the Ahr, the grape variety was given the synonym Early Black . According to a decree of April 18, 2008, the grape variety is again one of the officially approved grape varieties for commercial cultivation, since the genome of the plant contains parts of the noble grape Vitis vinifera .

The grape varieties Léon Millot, Lucie Kuhlmann and Maréchal Foch are the result of the same cross and are therefore related.

The grape variety was named after the winemaker and nursery gardener Léon Millot.

See also the articles Viticulture in France , Viticulture in Switzerland and Viticulture in Canada as well as the list of grape varieties .

Synonym: Early Blacks, Kuhlmann 194-2, Millot

Parentage : MGt 101-14 ( Vitis riparia x Vitis rupestris ) x Goldriesling . MGt 101-14 stands for Millardet et Grasset 101-14 , which was crossed by Pierre-Marie Alexis Millardet and Charles de Grasset in 1882 .

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