Leone Baptiste Dumonceau

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Graaf Dumonceau met keten van de Orde van de Unie.jpg

Leone Baptiste Dumonceau, Count von Bergendahl (pronounced: dümongßoh , also Jean-Baptiste; born November 7, 1760 in Brussels , †  December 29, 1821 in Brussels) was a Dutch officer and Marshal of Holland.


Dumonceau took part in the uprising of the Netherlands against Austria in 1787 and went to France after the Brabant Revolution had been suppressed in 1790 . As early as 1793 he received the rank of Général de brigade as an award for his participation in the Battle of Jemappes and the Battle of Neerektiven . In 1794 Dumonceau fought under Pichegru in Holland and was appointed commander of Amsterdam . In 1795 he entered the service of the Batavian Republic as lieutenant general and in 1799 defeated the Russians and English who had invaded Holland in the battle of Bergen . In 1807 he was appointed Marshal of Holland. In 1809 he beat the English again on Walcheren .

After the unification of the republic with France, Dumonceau was placed at the head of the 2nd military division by Napoleon and made Count of Bergendahl. In 1813 Dumonceau took part in the war in Germany and on August 26th expelled the Russians from the heights of Pirna near Dresden and after the defeat at Kulm led his troops skillfully back between the Prussian and Austrian corps to the main army .

In 1815 Dumonceau resigned from the French service and returned to Brussels.


His name is entered on the triumphal arch in Paris in the 1st column.