Linum capitatum

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Linum capitatum
Linum capitatum, illustration

Linum capitatum , illustration

Eurosiden I
Order : Malpighiales (Malpighiales)
Family : Flax Family (Linaceae)
Genre : Flax ( linum )
Type : Linum capitatum
Scientific name
Linum capitatum
Kit. ex Schult.

Linum capitatum is a type of plant from the genus linseed ( Linum ).


Linum capitatum is a perennial, herbaceous plant that grows up to 40 centimeters in height and grows from a rhizome .

The stem is angular, all leaves are three-veined, the leaves close to the ground are oblong-spatulate and are in a rosette, the upper leaves are lanceolate and tapering to a point, occasionally blunt. Stipules are present in the form of a pair of glands at the base of the leaves.

The upright inflorescences are umbels of five to ten flowers on short flower stalks. The oblong-lanceolate sepals are deeply serrated and hairy, the oblong-lanceolate petals are golden yellow and about three times as long as the calyx, the stigma linear to oblong-round. The capsule fruit is egg-shaped to rounded and pointed at the end.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 28.


The mountain plant is native to stony slopes in alpine and subalpine locations in central and southern Italy (here at 1500 to 2000 m altitude) and the Balkan Peninsula (Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Dalmatia, Macedonia).


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