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Title page of the German relation from 1609, the first newspaper in the world

This list of the oldest newspapers lists the newspapers in the world sorted according to the date they were founded; a distinction is made between world regions. The first newspapers emerged in early modern Europe , when printed periodicals quickly ousted the handwritten information sheets that had been common until then . The emergence of the press can be seen in connection with the simultaneous expansion of book printing , from whose printing press it derives its name.


Apart from its appearance as a printed work , the other typical features of a newspaper are:

  • Publicity : its content is general and publicly available.
  • Periodicity : it is published at regular intervals.
  • Timeliness : your information is current.
  • Universality : it deals with a wide variety of subject areas.


The following entries represent a selection:


year newspaper language place country
1605 Relation of all princes and memorable histories German Strasbourg Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation ( France )
1609 Advice, relation or newspaper German Wolfenbüttel Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
1610 ? German Basel Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation ( Switzerland )
1615 ? German Frankfurt Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
1617 Advices German Berlin Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation
1618 Courante uyt Italy, Duytslandt, & c. Dutch Amsterdam Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation ( Netherlands )

far East

year newspaper language place country
1861 Nagasaki Shipping List and Advertiser English Nagasaki Japan
1881 Chosen shinpo Japanese Busan Korea
Hanseong sunbo
(Hanseong Jubo)
Korean ? Korea


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