List of the Bishops of Durham

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The following people were Bishops and Prince-Bishops of Lindisfarne and Durham ( Great Britain ):

Bishops of Lindisfarne

In 664 the bishopric was moved to York by Wilfrid , Tuda's successor. The episcopal seat was restored by the Archbishop of Canterbury Theodore of Tarsus in 678 after the exile of Wilfrid from Northumbria by King Ecgfrith

The monks of Lindisfarne fled the Danes in 875 and the episcopal seat remained vacant for 7 years. In 882 Eardulf and his monks settled in Chester-le-Street and it also became the seat of the bishops of Lindisfarne

Bishops of Lindisfarne in Chester-le-Street

In 995, King Æthelred II restored peace by paying Danegeld to the Danish and Norwegian kings. Aldhun was about to resurrect Lindisfarne when he received a divine vision telling him that the body of Saint Cuthbert should rest in Durham. Durham has been the seat of bishops since that time and the title has also been changed to Bishop of Durham

Bishops of Durham

Prince-Bishops of Durham

Prince-Bishops of Durham of the Church of England

Bishops of Durham of the Church of England


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