List of the trenches of the Unterharzer Wasserregal

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Glasebacher inlet ditch at the wheel chamber of the Glasebach pit

The trenches of the Unterharzer Wasserregal are around 100 shorter and longer water trenches within a mining water management system. Some small trenches arose in part as early as the 14th century.

The systematic expansion took place between 1704 and 1745 by Georg Christoph von Utterodt and Christian Zacharias Koch .

The trenches are located in the mining districts of Silberhütte , Birnbaum , Neudorf ( Principality of Anhalt-Harzgerode or Principality of Anhalt-Bernburg ) and Straßberg ( County of Stolberg-Stolberg ). Today, regardless of their current condition, they are under monument protection . Only a few trenches are still water-bearing, most of them have been drained and, primarily in the Straßberg district, no longer exist.

Silberhütte artificial pit

The Silberhütter Kunstgraben is actually a network of eight sections that were never all in operation at the same time.

According to Karl-Heinz Krause, the list is in the direction of the slope.

Surname territory construction time Beginning The End Length (km) function
Ludengraben Stolberg-Stolberg 1726-1736 Upper Lude Büschengraben , above Gräfingründer pond 9.5 Septic tank
Junction to the Möllerteich Stolberg-Stolberg 1726-1736, 1745 Ludengraben (junction in front of Ludenrösche) Mouth of the Ludenrösche , above Möllerteich Septic tank
Schindelbruch artificial moat Stolberg-Stolberg 1703-1704 Gräfingründer pond Lazy puddle pond 8.9 Collecting ditch, supply ditch
Anhalt ditch Stolberg-Stolberg /
1761-1762, 1792-1793 Schindelbrücher artificial ditch
(junction at the lazy puddle pond)
Upper pear tree 3.2 Feed trench
Miner's ditch Anhalt-Bernburg 1761-1762 Branch at the Anhaltischer Graben narrow rockers Feed trench
unnamed ditch Anhalt-Bernburg between 1779 and 1817 Branch at the Anhaltischer Graben Calf suckers pond <1.0 Feed trench
Neudorfer Graben Anhalt-Bernburg 1793 End of the Anhalt Trench Neudorf community pond 1.4 Feed trench
New ditch Anhalt-Bernburg 1817 Calf suckers pond End of the Anhalt Trench 0.5 Feed trench
Siebengraben Anhalt-Bernburg 1903-1904 Branch at the beginning of the Neudorfer trench Siebengrundbach (above Teufelsteich) 1.3 Feed trench
Fürst-Victor-Kunstgraben Anhalt-Bernburg 1696-1697 Devil pond Oral hole of the Fürst-Victor-Stollen 1.4 Artificial moat
Silberhütter Aufschlaggraben Anhalt-Bernburg 1890 Oral hole of the Fürst-Victor-Stollen Silberhütte processing plant 0.9 Artificial moat

More trenches

In addition to the Silberhütte artificial trench, there were a number of trenches, primarily created as artificial trenches.

In Straßberg in Stolberg, six ditches led from reservoirs to the stamping works and cycling arts in Straßberg. The slope trenches, which were parallel to the vertical lines, were constructed in up to three superimposed levels. In the Anhalt Harz, the water flow was primarily carried out directly from the reservoirs via short surcharges .

Surname territory construction time Beginning The End length function
Bush ditch Stolberg-Stolberg Upper course of course, lower course probably around 1700 at Untermühle near Malini pond approx. 4 km Feed trench
upper Rödelbachgraben Stolberg-Stolberg before 1610 Rödelbach, near the lower Kiliansteich at the Hüttenstollen - mouth hole ≈ 3.5 km Artificial moat
Glasebacher inlet ditch Stolberg-Stolberg unknown, probably around 1690 upper Rödelbachgraben Wheel chamber of the Glasebach mine Artificial moat
Glasebacher return ditch Stolberg-Stolberg unknown Radkammerrösche from the Glasebach mine Bärlochsgraben (Bear Hole) Artificial moat
Bärlochsgraben Stolberg-Stolberg Early 18th century Bear holes an art shaft in Straßberg Artificial moat
Lower slope ditch Stolberg-Stolberg probably early 18th century Rödelbach End of the Bärlochsgraben Artificial moat
Middle slope ditch Stolberg-Stolberg unknown Mouth hole in the Heiligenberg tunnel Cycling arts of the Neuhaus-Stolberg mine Artificial moat
Upper slope trench Stolberg-Stolberg around 1600 upper Rödelbachgraben
(Mundloch Stadtweger Rösche )
Cycling arts of the Neuhaus-Stolberg mine Collecting ditch, artificial ditch
Village ditch Stolberg-Stolberg unknown Cycling arts of the Neuhaus-Stolberg mine Grundborn Collecting ditch, artificial ditch
upper Rödelbachgraben

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