Principality of Anhalt-Bernburg

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The Principality of Anhalt-Bernburg was a German principality at the time of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation , the Rhine Confederation and the German Confederation . It existed under this name from 1252 to 1468 and from 1603 to 1863. Then the territory was incorporated into the Duchy of Anhalt .

Coat of arms of the principality


The Principality of Anhalt-Bernburg was created in 1252 through the division of the Principality of Anhalt into Anhalt-Aschersleben , Anhalt-Bernburg and Anhalt-Zerbst. In 1468 the ruling royal family in the male line died out, and Anhalt-Bernburg fell to the Principality of Anhalt-Zerbst.

The Principality of Anhalt from 1747 to 1793

The Principality of Anhalt-Bernburg was re-established in 1603 by dividing the inheritance of Anhalt-Zerbst into Anhalt-Dessau , Anhalt-Bernburg, Anhalt-Köthen , Anhalt-Plötzkau and Anhalt-Zerbst. In 1635, the principality was split into Anhalt-Bernburg and Anhalt-Harzgerode ; the two parts were reunited in 1709. A new division of the estate took place in Anhalt-Bernburg and Anhalt-Bernburg-Schaumburg-Hoym in 1718, although the branch line was only equipped with goods over which the Anhalt-Bernburg line retained sovereignty. In 1806, with the Rhine Federation Act, it was elevated to a duchy and in 1812 both sub-territories were merged. Since 1815 the duchy was a member of the German Confederation . In 1847 Anhalt-Köthen-Plötzkau fell to Anhalt-Bernburg. With the extinction of the Bernburg Line in 1863, the territory was united with the Duchy of Anhalt-Dessau and the new Duchy of Anhalt with the capital Dessau arose .

The capital of the territory was Bernburg , rulers were the Ascan princes of Anhalt-Bernburg.

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