List of the kings of Aksum

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The names of the kings of Aksum are known from various sources. Those that are documented before the end of the third century are mostly known from inscriptions that these rulers had put up. There may be large gaps in that part of the list. Coin minting begins with Endubis. It can be assumed that the list will be relatively complete from that point on, although gaps are to be expected here too. The rulers after 630 no longer minted coins. They are almost only known from later lists of rulers.

king Dating comment
Zoskales approx. 50 appears in the Periplus Maris Erythraei
Gadarat approx. 200 waged war in southern Arabia
Azaba or Adhebah approx. 230 is mentioned in a South Arabic inscription along with his son Girma
Sembrouthes about 250 Known only from an inscription from Eritrea, first ruler with the title King of Kings
Datawna approx. 260 is mentioned in a South Arabian inscription along with his son Zaqarnas

The following rulers are mostly known from their coinage.

king Dating comment coin
Endubis approx. 270-300 first coinage in silver and gold, the legends are written in Greek Endubis1.jpg
Aphilas approx. 310 Aphilas.jpg
Wazeba approx. 320 First coins with inscription in ancient Ethiopian Wazeba.jpg
Ousanas approx. 325 Ousanas.jpg
Ezana approx. 350 first Christian king, led numerous campaigns Ezana.jpg
Mehadeyis approx. 360 Mhdys.jpg
Ouazebas approx. 390 Ouazebas.jpg
Eon about 400 Eon.jpg
Ebana about 450 Endubis.jpg
Nezool about 450 Nezool.jpg
Ousas about 500 Ousas.jpg
Ella Asbeha (Caleb) about 520 conquered parts of southern Arabia, left various inscriptions and is mentioned by ancient historians Caleb.jpg
Alla Amidas about 550
Wazena about 550 Wazena.jpg
Wa'zeb about 550 Wazeb.jpg
Ioel about 550 Ioel.jpg
Hataz approx. 575 Hataz.jpg
Saifu approx. 577
Israel approx. 590 Israel.jpg
Gersem about 600 Gersem.jpg
Armah approx. 614 possibly identical to Ashama ibn Abjar, who was important for Islamic history, died around 630 Amrah.jpg

Subsequent kings

The dates and order are uncertain; the coinage stopped.

king comment
Kwastantinos or Constantine
Wasan Sagad Bazagar?
Fere Shanay or Fere Shernay
'Adre'az or 'Adre'azar
'Akla Wedem
Germa Safar
Zergaz or Gergaz
Degna Mikael
Bahr Ikela
'Oda Gosh or 'Oda Sasa
'Ayzur ruled only half a day
Wedem 'Asfare is said to have ruled for 150 years
Degna Djan or Ged'a Djan
'Anbasa Wedem Son of Degna Djan
Dil Na'od Son of Degna Djan


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