List of the cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The cantons are the federal units that make up the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina , which in turn is one of the two entities of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina .

The federation is divided into ten cantons.

Two of the cantons ( Central Bosnia and Herzegovina-Neretva ) have a special status as binational cantons, in which the approval of both Croatian and Bosniak elected officials is required for important decisions . Of the others, Una-Sana , Tuzla , Zenica-Doboj , Bosnian Podrinje and Sarajevo are (mostly) Bosniak cantons , Posavina , West Herzegovina and Livno are (mostly) Croatian cantons.

The cantons are subdivided into communes ( općine ).

Overview table

Kroatien Albanien Serbien Montenegro Republika Srpska Republika Srpska Brčko-Distrikt Kanton Posavina Kanton Zenica-Doboj Kanton Tuzla Kanton Sarajevo Kanton Bosnisches Podrinje Kanton Zentralbosnien Kanton Una-Sana Kanton 10 Kanton West-Herzegowina Kanton Herzegowina-NeretvaBosnia and Herzegovina, administrative divisions - Nmbrs (cantons) - colored.svg
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No. coat of arms Abbreviation Surname Capital Population
(2013 Census)
Area (km²) density Number of parishes
1 Coat of arms of Una-Sana.svg USK Canton of Una-Sana

(Unsko-sanski canton)

Bihać 273.261 4,125.0 66 6 municipalities, 2 cities
2 Coat of arms of Posavina.svg PK Posavina Canton

(Posavski canton /
Posavska županija)

Orašje 43,453 324.6 134 3 municipalities
3 Coat of arms of Tuzla Canton, svg TK Canton of Tuzla

(Tuzlanski canton)

Tuzla 445.028 2,649.0 168 12 municipalities, 1 city
4th Coat of arms of Zenica-Doboj.svg ZDK Zenica-Doboj Canton

(Zeničko-dobojski canton)

Zenica 364,433 3,334.3 109 11 municipalities, 1 city
5 Coat of arms of Bosnian Podrinje.svg BPK Bosnian Podrinje Canton

(Bosansko-Podrinjski canton)

Goražde 23,734 504.6 47 2 municipalities, 1 city
6th Coat of arms of Central Bosnia.svg SBK Canton of Central Bosnia / Central Bosnia

(Srednjobosanski kanton /
Srednjobosanska županija)

Travnik 254,686 3,189 80 12 municipalities
7th Coat of arms of Herzegovina-Neretva.svg HNK Herzegovina-Neretva Canton

(Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton /
Hercegovačko-neretvanska županija)

Mostar 222.007 4,401 50 8 municipalities, 1 city
8th No coats of arms.svg ZHK West Herzegovina Canton

(Zapadno-hercegovački canton /
Zapadno-hercegovačka županija)

Široki Brijeg 94,898 1,362.2 70 3 municipalities, 1 city
9 Coat of arms of Sarajevo Canton.svg KS Sarajevo Canton Sarajevo 413,593 1,276.9 324 4 municipalities of the city of Sarajevo , 5 municipalities
10 No coats of arms.svg K10 Canton 10 Livno 84.127 4,934.9 17th 5 municipalities, 1 city
- Coat of arms of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg FBiH Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo 2,219,220 26,110.0 85 79

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