List of parishes in the Deanery Enns-Lorch

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The Deanery Enns-Lorch is a dean's office of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Linz .

Parishes with church buildings and chapels

place Parish Association Ink. Patronage Church buildings and chapels image
Branches St. Florian Saint Florian (CanReg) St. James Asten parish church
Former parish church
Asten parish church
Enns-St. Laurence Enns Hll. Raphael , Laurentius and Seven Sorrows Mariae Enns-Lorch basilica
Chapel in the district nursing home, chapel in the state hospital
Enns basilica
Enns-St. Marien Enns Maria Snow Parish Church Enns-St. Marien Parish Church Enns-St.  Marien
Hargelsberg St. Florian Saint Florian (CanReg) St. Andrew Hargelsberg parish church Hargelsberg parish church
Hofkirchen in the Traunkreis St. Florian Saint Florian (CanReg) St. Nicholas Parish church Hofkirchen im Traunkreis Parish church Hofkirchen
Kronstorf Enns Hll. Bartholomäus and Katharina Kronstorf parish church Kronstorf parish church
Niederneukirchen St. Florian Hll. Peter , Paul , Margaret and the Assumption Parish church of Niederneukirchen
Parish church of Niederneukirchen
St. Florian near Linz St. Florian Saint Florian (CanReg) St. John the Baptist and the Assumption of Mary St. Florian Collegiate Church
Market or Spitalkirche, Schlosskapelle Tillysburg, Marienkapelle
St. Florian Collegiate Church
Weichstetten St. Florian St. Laurence Weichstetten Parish Church Weichstetten Parish Church

Deanery Enns-Lorch

The deanery comprises nine parishes .

  • since ? Ferdinand Reisinger

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