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Luise Karoline Countess von Hochberg. Contemporary painting, around 1800

Luise Karoline von Hochberg , b. Freiin Geyer von Geyersberg , from 1787 Baroness von Hochberg , from 1796 Countess von Hochberg (born May 26, 1767 in Karlsruhe ; † June 23, 1820 there ) was the second wife of the Margrave and later Grand Duke Karl Friedrich von Baden.


Luise Karoline Geyer von Geyersberg was born as the daughter of Durlach Lieutenant Colonel Freiherr Ludwig Heinrich Philipp Geyer von Geyersberg and Maximiliana Christina, née Countess von Sponeck . Margrave Karl Friedrich von Baden and his first wife Karoline Luise were the godparents of the girl, whose father soon passed away . Luise Karoline received a proper upbringing and attended a girls' school near Colmar . Then she was employed as a lady-in-waiting in the court of the hereditary princess Amalie in Baden .

Marriage to Margrave Karl Friedrich

On November 24, 1787 she married Margrave (since 1806 Grand Duke ) Karl Friedrich (1728–1811), who had been widowed since 1783. However, only " on the left hand ", as her family, although at least noble, was not considered to be of equal standing. From the day of her marriage she carried the title of Baroness von Hochberg , and in 1796 Emperor Franz II made her imperial countess . However , she did not receive the rank of margravine that Karl Friedrich's first, befitting wife had led.

The question of the right of succession for their sons

The sons were initially excluded from the line of succession and did not have any Baden prince or margrave title. In 1796 Luise Karoline managed to get her sons to be awarded the rank of Count von Hochberg. Karl Friedrich also decreed that her sons would be entitled to inheritance in the event that the male line from his first marriage died out.

After the end of the wars of liberation against Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815, intensive negotiations and disputes between the victorious powers over the restoration of the pre-Napoleonic domains and their future size followed. The former Margraviate of Baden had previously received large territories and the status of a Grand Duchy thanks to Napoleon, the new areas came mainly from Bavaria and Austria. These two states concerned formulated secret treaties in 1815, for example: B. the relapse of the Electoral Palatinate, which had become Baden, to Bavaria, if the direct male line of the then reigning Grand Duke Karl died out. Another inheritance dispute with the Kingdom of Bavaria was about the County of Sponheim , since the Bavarian royal house wanted to assert old inheritance rights to their shares in the County of Sponheim with the possible extinction of the Baden agnates of equal standing .

When neither the legitimate grandson and heir to the throne, Grand Duke Karl , nor the other sons from Karl Friedrich's first marriage had surviving male descendants, the three sons of Luise Karoline, who had already had the margravial coat of arms of Baden since 1817, were given on November 20, 1818, A few weeks before Grand Duke Karl's death, the Aachen Congress confirmed the margrave dignity and the right of succession to the throne. Finally, her son Leopold ascended the throne as Grand Duke in 1830 - after the death of the last regent from the old line, Ludwig I -, albeit only ten years after the death of his mother. Luise Karoline von Hochberg's descendants ruled the Grand Duchy of Baden until 1918. Today's Margraves of Baden are descendants of Luise Karoline.

Kaspar Hauser

Luise Karoline was suspected of having replaced the firstborn son of Grand Duke Karl and Grand Duchess Stéphanie with a dead child after his birth in order to secure the line of succession for her own sons. These rumors came up when Kaspar Hauser appeared, who was claimed to be the same prince from Baden. According to prevailing historians, the legend is now considered refuted, but still finds supporters.


The following children emerged from the marriage with Karl Friedrich:

  • Leopold (born August 29, 1790 - † April 24, 1852)
  • Wilhelm (April 8, 1792 - October 11, 1859)
  • Friedrich Alexander (June 10, 1793 - June 18, 1793)
  • Amalie (born January 26, 1795 - † September 14, 1869), married Prince Karl Egon II zu Fürstenberg on April 19, 1818 (* October 28, 1796 - † October 22, 1854)
  • Maximilian (8 December 1796 - 6 March 1882).


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