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The Maine State Auditor is one of the constitutional offices of the State of Maine . The State Auditor is elected at the beginning of the first session of the new Maine Legislature for a two-year term, along with the other Maine constitutional offices. The term of office is limited to four consecutive terms.

The state auditor's responsibilities include auditing the state financial statements and accounting for federal programs. The tests are performed according to the testing standards of the norms generally used in the United States for state testing. In accordance with these principles, an audit is carried out which determines with reasonable certainty whether the annual financial statements are free from material errors.

The State Auditor 's Office was created in 1883 to oversee the accounts kept by the Maine State Treasurer . It was originally a three-person committee, which was replaced by a single auditor in 1907. This checks all accounts and claims against the state, including all payments by the state treasury.

The Department of Audit was founded in 1931 and is headed by the State Auditor. The position of Deputy Auditor was established in 1945. In 1992 the Fiscal Administrator for the Unorganized Territories was attached to the Department. The name of the Department of Audit was changed to Office of the State Auditor in 2013 under Public Law Chapter 16 of the 126th Maine Legislature .

List of Maine State Auditors

Term of office Secretary of State image Party affiliation
1907-1911 Charles P. Hatch republican
1911-1913 Lamont A. Stevens democrat
1913-1915 TF Callahan republican
1915-1917 J. Edward Sullivan
1917-1922 Roy L. Wardwell republican
1922-1940 Elbert D. Hayford republican
1940-1945 William D. Hayes republican
1945–1957 Fred M. Berry republican
1957-1965 Michael A. Napolitano republican
1965-1969 Armand G. Sansoucy democrat
1969-1970 Michael A. Napolitano republican
1970-1972 William Otterbein republican
1972-1976 Raymond M. Rideout democrat
1976-1977 Rodney L. Scribner democrat
1977-1985 George J. Rainville democrat
1985-1987 Robert W. Norton democrat
1987 Rodney L. Scribner democrat
1987-2005 Gail M. Chase democrat
2005–2012 Neria Douglass democrat
2013– Pola Buckley Non-party

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