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Technology: Latin
Type: Couple dance , ballroom dancing
Music: Mambo, salsa
Time signature : 4 / 4 -stroke
Tempo: 44-62 TPM
Origin: Cuba , New York
Creation time: ~ 1930
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Mambo describes a type of music that developed in Cuba after 1930 , and the associated dance that developed parallel to the music.

Orestes López ( Israel "Cachao" López ' brother) used the term Mambo for the first time in 1938 as the title of a piece. Originally the presumably Creole word referred to a "religious conversation" (especially a prayer) or a sacred act. It comes from the African dominated Cuba.


The mambo is the result of mixing Son and Danzón . Although the above piece was called Mambo, it was only a danzón with a chorus added. Dámaso Pérez Prado created the first real mambo . He used the Montuno and removed elements of the Ritmo-Nuevo from it . This allowed the newly defined mambo to develop more freely and to be interpreted more individually. But this style did not last long. When many South and Central Americans moved to the USA, especially to New York City , during the Second World War , there was very quickly a slight mixture of Cuban rhythms and jazz . As a result, jazz now also influenced the mambo and gave it its special note, which has been preserved to this day. The most important common feature is the syncopation of the music and the emphasis on beats two and four of a bar.

In the mid-1950s, the new New York Mambo also reached Europe, where it quickly enjoyed great, but short-lived, popularity. He owes his breakthrough to the title "Qué rico el Mambo" by Pérez Prado , which took the charts by storm. However, this success did not last. Since music and dance are rhythmically very complicated, the simpler styles of music and dances Cha-Cha-Cha and Rumba quickly displaced the Mambo, and it was soon forgotten again.


The mambo is not part of the world dance program , which is why it is not part of the normal courses offered by a dance school . In fact, the real Mambo is rarely taught, instead the familiarity of the name is often exploited to market more general salsa dance courses. If you still want to learn it in a dance course, you should therefore find out beforehand whether it is actually the real mambo or not rather other salsa styles that have emerged from the mambo, such as B. Palladium-style salsa .

Music track

There are countless artists and even more titles that give the Mambo rhythm the best. Very well known is likely to Pérez Prado's Mambo No. 5 be, which in 1999 by Lou Bega gecovert was and the anthem of the NFL Europe was. Here is a selection of other well-known pieces:

  • Art Pepper - Mambo de la pinta
  • Celeste Mendoza - Te di un beso sin importancia
  • Cortijo - El mantequero
  • George Shearing - Mambo caribe
  • Joe Cuba Sextet - Siempre sea
  • La Sonora Matancera - Eugemio
  • Machito & His Afro Cuban Orquesta - Holiday Mambo
  • Oriental Orquesta - Mi son changui
  • Pérez Prado - Martinica, Que rico el mambo, Mambo No. 5 , Mambo No. 8th
  • René Grand - Carmen
  • Tito Puente - Mambo inn
  • Tito Rodriguez - Roy Roy Mambo
  • Dean Martin - Mambo italiano
  • Helena Paparizou - Mambo
  • Alesha Dixon - The Boy does nothing
  • Michael Lloyd & Le Disc- Johnny's Mambo
  • DePhazz - The Mambo Craze (a cover by Xavier Cugats Adios , which is a cover of the original version by Johnny Keating )
  • Mr. Mo - Mah Na Mah Na
  • Herbert Grönemeyer - Mambo
  • "Angel Maria Torres y sus ultimos Mamboleros" are the only pure mambo cover band to play regularly at festivals and clubs exclusively in Europe since the turn of the millennium. The Mexicans appear in proper style, as if they had come straight from the 50s.

Mambo in film and TV

  • The Mambo became socially acceptable and known through appearances by Pérez Prado in Mexican "Rumbera" films with stars such as María Antonietta Pons or Ninon Sevilla.
  • Captain Picard from the Spaceship Enterprise series : The next century is an avid mambo dancer.
  • The 1998 film “Mean Guns” starring Ice T is also backed with Mambo.
  • In the film “ Dirty Dancing ”, the winning dance in a dance competition is “Johnny's Mambo”, accompanied by an impressive dance by Patrick Swayze and his dance partner.

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