Manila sleeper goby

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Manila sleeper goby
Ophieleotris aporos 2.jpg

Manila dormouse ( Giuris margaritacea )

Spinefish (Acanthopterygii)
Perch relatives (Percomorphaceae)
Order : Gobies (Gobiiformes)
Family : Sleeper gobies (Eleotridae)
Genre : Giuris
Type : Manila sleeper goby
Scientific name of the  genus
Sauvage , 1880
Scientific name of the  species
Giuris margaritacea
( Valenciennes , 1837)

The Manila goby ( Giuris margaritacea , Syn .: Ophieleotris aporos Bleeker, 1854 ) is a fish from the family of the sleeper goby (Eleotridae) that grows to a maximum of 23 centimeters .


The fish live in the tropical Indo-Pacific , from Madagascar to Southeast Asia , to New Guinea , in northern Australia , Melanesia and Palau . Larvae live in the sea, adults in fresh water. They prefer biotopes with dense plant growth.

Drawing after Herre 1910


The Manila dormouse goby is a relatively large, stocky looking goby with a cylindrical body and a dorsally flattened head. As a rule, it is green-brown in color, eight to ten dark stripes on the sides and a dark spot on the base of the pectoral fin. The lower half of the head is brown or yellowish with three to four dark brown to reddish stripes that radiate out from the lower part of the eye.


The sleeper gobies live omnivorously on worms , insect larvae , small crustaceans , algae and other aquatic plants.


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