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Marion Diederichs-Lafite (born December 17, 1947 in Vienna ) is an Austrian music journalist.


After training at the French School and the Sacré Coeur Realgymnasium in Vienna as well as an economics course at the Vienna Commercial Academy, the daughter of Peter and Elisabeth Lafite studied musicology and journalism at the universities in Vienna, Cologne and Bochum from 1967 ; supplemented by courses at the Vienna Music Academy with Erwin Ratz and music seminars at the Alpbach University Weeks with Rudolf Stephan and Carl Dahlhaus . During this time she took part in the music criticism seminars at Künstlerhaus Boswil . In 1974 she received her doctorate from the University of Vienna with a dissertation on musical aesthetics in the early 19th century, based on the "Leipziger Allgemeine musical newspaper" .

Marion Diederichs-Lafite (1995)

From 1975 - after marrying Joachim Diederichs (art historian from the Eugen Diederichs publishing family ) and three children - she worked as a freelancer, first in Kassel ( Bärenreiter-Verlag , Kasseler Musiktage), then in Wilhelmshaven (adult education center, lectures, seminar management). She started working for the Austrian music magazine , founded by her father in 1946 and later managed by her mother, in 1970, became co-editor in 1980, took over the company in 1986 and was primarily responsible for the ÖMZ and the Lafite publishing house from 1990 . To design country brochures, she traveled to the USA (1975), Switzerland (1976) or England (1984) for in-depth research. Essentially, she had to deal with all subject areas such as their leading authors. She started creative collaborations with the composers' associations and also with musicology, opened the magazine to current art music as well as to cultural-political issues with a forum of music time talks and accented (personal) focus issues on music-aesthetic, pedagogical or gender-oriented topics.

The performance of the family business based on the consultancy work of Manfred Wagner and Hartmut Krones as consultants, in cooperation with the Ministry for International and European Affairs , the Austrian Academy of Sciences and other institutions was extensively documented for the 50th year in 1995 as a ceremony at the university for Music and performing arts Vienna , exhibitions at the European Forum Alpbach and in the Austrian National Library . From 2012 edition of the Webern studies in cooperation with the Anton Webern Complete Edition , Basel. Marion Diederichs-Lafite edited a total of 450 music magazines and 15 books in the MUSIKZEITedition.

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