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Matthias Herrmann (born October 14, 1955 in Mildenau , Erzgebirge) is a German musicologist and university professor.


As a youth, Matthias Herrmann was a member of the Dresden Kreuzchor under the Kreuzkantors Rudolf Mauersberger and Martin Flämig . He then studied musicology at the University of Leipzig and later worked in the music department of the Saxon State Library in Dresden and the culture department of the Saxon Tageblatt Dresden .

He received his doctorate on Wettin court music in Dresden around 1500 and completed his habilitation on compositional work, especially the early work of Rudolf Mauersberger. He worked as a research assistant and senior assistant at the Heinrich Schütz Archive in Dresden and in 1993 was appointed professor of music history at the Institute for Musicology at the Carl Maria von Weber University of Music in Dresden.

He publishes the Saxon Studies on Early Music History at Verlag Klaus-Jürgen Kamprad in Altenburg and the Dresden writings on music and the writings of the Dresden Cross Choir at Tectum Verlag in Marburg / Baden-Baden .

Matthias Herrmann is a member of the editorial board of Dresdner Hefte and board member of the Dresdner Geschichtsverein eV (long-term chairman until 2016). He was the spokesman for the "Heinrich Schütz in Dresden" association, a longstanding member of the cultural advisory board of the state capital of Dresden, the music project group of the Dresden Cultural Office and a.


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