Matthias Oertli

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Matthias Oertli (* 4. November 1777 in depths ; † 29. September 1837 ibid ; heimatberechtigt in Teufen) was a Swiss physician , state ensign, Diet Envoy and Landammann from the canton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes .


Matthias Oertli was a son of Johann Conrad Oertli. In 1813 he married Anna Katharina Oertli, daughter of Johannes Oertli, landlord and district captain in Teufen. In 1826 he married Anna Katharina Loppacher, daughter of Matthias Loppacher, a second time. From 1789 to 1892 he attended secondary school in Lindau , Bavaria . From 1793 to 1798 he studied medicine in Zurich , Jena , Vienna and Altdorf near Nuremberg . In 1798 he obtained a doctorate in medicine. He worked as a doctor in Teufen. He gave up his practice in 1818 in favor of broad studies and politics . From 1799 to 1803 he was a district doctor . From 1803 to 1817 he was a councilor in Teufen. In 1810 he was a member of the cantonal medical commission. In this he campaigned against so-called quackery . From 1817 to 1818 he held the office of state ensign. From 1817 to 1832 he was delegate to the Diet. From 1818 to 1837 he held the office of Landammann. From 1831 to 1832 he chaired the cantonal revision commission. Oertli's election as Landammann in 1818 marked the breakthrough of liberalism in Appenzell Ausserrhoden. Oertli, who immediately lifted the extra-Rhodian censorship , was one of the pioneers of press freedom in Switzerland .


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