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coat of arms Germany map
Coat of arms of the city of Altdorf near Nuremberg
Altdorf near Nuremberg
Map of Germany, position of the city of Altdorf near Nuremberg highlighted

Coordinates: 49 ° 23 '  N , 11 ° 21'  E

Basic data
State : Bavaria
Administrative region : Middle Franconia
County : Nuremberg country
Height : 444 m above sea level NHN
Area : 48.63 km 2
Residents: 15,276 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 314 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 90518
Area code : 09187
License plate : LAU, ESB , HEB, N , PEG
Community key : 09 5 74 112
City structure: 25 parts of the community

City administration address :
Röderstrasse 10
90518 Altdorf b. Nuremberg
Website :
First Mayor : Martin Tabor ( SPD )
Location of the city of Altdorf near Nuremberg in the district of Nürnberger Land
Nürnberg Nürnberg Landkreis Roth Landkreis Erlangen-Höchstadt Landkreis Bayreuth Landkreis Forchheim Landkreis Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz Landkreis Amberg-Sulzbach Engelthaler Forst Zerzabelshofer Forst Schönberg (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Rückersdorfer Forst Laufamholzer Forst Günthersbühler Forst Forsthof (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Fischbach (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Feuchter Forst Brunn (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Behringersdorfer Forst Feucht (Mittelfranken) Offenhausen (Mittelfranken) Alfeld (Mittelfranken) Altdorf bei Nürnberg Burgthann Engelthal Happurg Henfenfeld Hersbruck Kirchensittenbach Lauf an der Pegnitz Leinburg Ottensoos Pommelsbrunn Reichenschwand Röthenbach an der Pegnitz Rückersdorf (Mittelfranken) Schwaig bei Nürnberg Schwarzenbruck Velden (Pegnitz) Vorra Winkelhaid Schnaittach Neunkirchen am Sand Simmelsdorf Winkelhaid (gemeindefreies Gebiet) Haimendorfer Forst Neuhaus an der Pegnitzmap
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Altdorf bei Nürnberg ( pronunciation ? / I ; officially: Altdorf b.Nürnberg ) is a town and a medium- sized center in the Middle Franconian district of Nürnberger Land . Audio file / audio sample


Aerial photo from 2005. The view goes roughly to the west.

Geographical location

The former university town is located about 25 km southeast of Nuremberg in the midst of a charming low mountain range (400–700 m above sea level) with Rhätschluchten (Rhät = Upper Keuper ) and forest and meadow-rich uplands. In winter Altdorf is very snowy, in summer the hilly surroundings offer many recreational opportunities, such as bike tours or hikes. From Hegnenberg you can enjoy a panoramic view of the medieval town in sunny weather.

City structure

The city of Altdorf near Nuremberg has 25 districts :

Neighboring communities

Neighboring communities are (starting in the north clockwise): Offenhausen , Lauterhofen , Berg near Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate , Burgthann , Schwarzenbruck , Winkelhaid and Leinburg . Altdorf is part of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region .


Map of Altdorf from the Topographia Franconiae of 1648

Historical data

 800 Franconian royal court
1129 First documentary mention
1281 The Hofmark Altdorf district is under royal administration.
1299 Altdorf is pledged to Count Emich von Nassau .
1360 First documented mention as "market" when it was sold to Burgrave Albrecht of Nuremberg
1368 Foundation of markets
1387 First documented mention as "city", construction of moats and walls
1393 Sale by the Pomeranian Duke Swantibor , the husband of the daughter Anna of the Burgrave Albrecht of Nuremberg, to the Count Palatine Ruprecht
1504 Acquisition by the Imperial City of Nuremberg , seat of a Nuremberg nursing office
1575/78 Seat of the Nuremberg high school , academy
1622 University privilege (university until 1809); one of the most famous students is Albrecht von Wallenstein .
1666 The philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is doing his doctorate in Altdorf.
1672 Johann Christoph Sturm founds the Collegium Curiosum sive Experimentale , of which Leibniz became a member.
1806 Altdorf joins the Kingdom of Bavaria with Nuremberg .
1824 The city receives the Royal School Teachers' College.
1894 The folk play Wallenstein in Altdorf is premiered.
1925 In the seminar building, facilities for the physically handicapped are being created by the regional association for internal missions .
1945 Headquarters of the District Office (until 1965)
1945 From May, the US soldiers' newspaper The Stars and Stripes (Southern Germany Edition, later renamed European Edition; until the move to Griesheim / Hessen) was located in the former building of the Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer . The first edition (Vol. 1 - No. 1) was printed and delivered on May 8, 1945 ( VE Day ) with the title ETO WAR ENDS .
1972/78 Municipal reform with the incorporation of surrounding municipalities
2012 The Bavarian Council of Ministers is introducing a draft for a new state development program into the legislative process, in which the classification as a medium-sized center is proposed. In view of the considerable resistance of numerous associations to the draft law, the outcome is completely open.


On January 1, 1972, the previously independent communities of Eismannsberg , Grünsberg and Rasch and parts of the area of ​​the dissolved community of Penzenhofen were incorporated. Hagenhausen , Pühlheim, Rieden and Röthenbach near Altdorf were added on January 1, 1978.



The interests of Altdorf in the Bavarian State Parliament represent MdL Norbert Dünkel (CSU), in the Bundestag the chairwoman of the Bundestag Tourism Committee MdB Marlene Mortler (CSU).

City council

The town council of Altdorf consists of 24 town councilors and the first mayor.

CSU SPD Green FWG / UNA FDP / Team Altdorf total
2008 9 8th 3 4th 0 24 seats
2014 8th 8th 3 5 0 24 seats
2020 7th 6th 5 5 1 24 seats

(Status: 2020 )


In the local elections in 2020 , Martin Tabor was elected by the SPD as the new mayor, and he took office on May 1, 2020.

coat of arms

Blazon : "In black a red-armored, tongued and crowned golden lion, holding a split label, inside a black eagle at the gap, at the back divided diagonally by red and silver five times."

Declaration of coat of arms: The lion is the Palatinate lion, the shield is the coat of arms of the city of Nuremberg . This coat of arms goes back to the time of the Nuremberg rule from 1503 to 1806. In the history of Altdorf there were three other coats of arms: The oldest from 1374 shows the Hohenzollern shield and the Henneberg hen, the second from 1478 the Palatinate lion in front of Baier diamonds and a third from 1836 the Baier lion and the Nuremberg coat of arms.

Town twinning

Altdorf near Nuremberg maintains city ​​partnerships with:

Culture and sights

Wallenstein Festival

The Wallenstein Festival is an event that has been held every three years in summer since 1894. It reminds us of the general Wallenstein , who once studied in Altdorf, and the time of the Thirty Years' War . The next games will take place in 2022.

St. Lawrence Church

The St. Laurentius Church

The church was built in the late Gothic style until 1407 . The choir of the church as well as parts of the tower have been preserved to this day. In 1755 the main nave was rebuilt or extended in the baroque style. The organ in a baroque prospect inside the church and the prayer niches for professors and students from the time as a university town as well as the baptismal font made of Altdorf marble are worth mentioning . The church has been Protestant since 1527.

town hall

The former town hall, now the cultural town hall

The town hall right next to the church was built in the Renaissance style in the 16th century and has an architectural element that is characteristic of the German Renaissance with a dwarf house . The town hall is a typical example of the Franconian sandstone construction . As part of an extensive renovation in line with listed buildings, the historical building fabric was made visible again as far as possible. In the meantime, however, the city administration has moved to the premises in Röderstrasse, except for the cultural office, which is why the town hall is now officially called the Kultur-Rathaus .

University building (Wichernhaus)

The colleges and lecture halls of the former University of Altdorf were built in 1575 as a school for children from Nuremberg aristocratic families in the Renaissance style. A few years later the school became an academy and in 1623 it was converted into a university. The university became known for its faculties for medicine (especially for the development of surgery and the long-standing standard compendium by Lorenz Heister ), law and natural sciences (including basic research on the sensitivity of silver salts to light, school zegraphy , as the basis of photography). In addition to the (partly reconstructed) botanical gardens, there was also an astronomical observatory and a chemical laboratory. The university in Altdorf existed as a college until 1809; As a typical university complex, the buildings are a clear testimony to German university history, as they have remained largely unchanged in their 18th century state (like only the University of Helmstedt , which has also been closed ). The university is also known for students such as Albrecht von Wallenstein and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz . The holdings of the university library are now in the University of Erlangen . The Wichernhaus temporarily served as a teaching staff and was finally converted into a hospital for the disabled in 1925. Today the building ensemble used by the Rummelsberger Anstalten as a Wichernhaus offers housing, a school and a boarding school for the physically handicapped. In addition, the Wallenstein Festival in Altdorf is performed every three years in the summer ; the next Wallenstein Festival will take place in summer 2021.

City fortifications

The lower gate, view from outside (field side)

From the former city fortifications, three towers and fragments of the city wall built around 1400 are still preserved. The city gates at both ends of the market square (lower and upper gate) are particularly impressive.


The castle was built in 1558 for the Nuremberg keepers. In 1808 it became a Bavarian regional court and in 1862 a district court. It served as a district office from 1945 to 1965 and has been a police station since 1972 . The Wallenstein Fountain is in front of the building .


In the Middle Ages, the Prethalmühle was a station on the Nuremberg - Regensburg trade route . It burned down in the Thirty Years War. In 1643 it was rebuilt. Today seven families live in the Prethalmühle. The origin of the name is not clear. One theory says that the Prethalmühle was a royal estate, from which the "Preitlingsfelder", a royal fiefdom, located in the south of the town of Altdorf, were cultivated. Located in the Schwarzachtal, which flows on the southern edge of the Prethalmühle, it formed a border point between the area of ​​the imperial city of Nuremberg and the Wittelsbacher Upper Palatinate.

Grünsberg Castle

Grünsberg Castle near Altdorf in the Nuremberg region

The green mountain palace dates back to a castle from the Middle Ages (13th century). The castle was expanded into a palace complex in the period from 1717 to 1723 with significant stucco ceilings . From 1754 Grünsberg Castle belonged to the Stromer von Reichenbach patrician family , who converted it into a charitable foundation in 1999. The important inventory can be viewed on the first Sunday of the month and by appointment during guided tours.


The St. Andrew / St. Bartholomew Church in the eastern part dates from the Romanesque period and is located on the site of an earlier chapel (possibly from the former lord of the Eismannsberg castle, Ratz). The nave was added in the 16th century with the help of Hedwig von Eyb and renovated by the von Oelhafen patrician family in the baroque period. The roof structure was renewed in the 19th century, later the interior of the church was changed to accommodate the organ. In July 2007 a general renovation of the church was completed.

Architectural and ground monuments


Geotope lion's den

There are seven geotopes designated by the Bavarian State Office for the Environment in the municipality of Altdorf .

Schools and educational institutions

  • Hans Dötsch Elementary School
  • Altdorf Middle School
  • Leibniz Gymnasium
  • Music school of the city of Altdorf
  • School for the physically disabled, elementary and secondary school (Wichernhaus)
  • Special educational support center Wichernhaus
  • Specialized Academy for Social Pedagogy
  • Evangelical adult education Altdorf
  • Catholic adult education
  • Nuremberg School for Tree Care
  • Technical Academy Wuppertal Training Center
  • Volkshochschule Schwarzachtal



Run through Altdorf:

Immediately south is the highway A 3 , about two kilometers north which runs A 6 . Both cross in the northwest at the Altdorf motorway junction .

The closest motorway junctions are:

  • AS 90 Altdorf / Burgthann, 1 km from the center: A 3 towards Nuremberg, Regensburg
  • AS 62 Altdorf / Leinburg, 2 km from the center: A 6 towards Nuremberg, Amberg

Local public transport

Altdorf is the end of the Feucht – Altdorf railway line . The S-Bahn line S2 of the Nuremberg S-Bahn ends at Altdorfer Bahnhof , which runs every 20 to 40 minutes and reaches Nuremberg Central Station in 30 minutes. Most trains on the S2 line continue from Nuremberg to Schwabach and Roth , so there are also connections there without having to change trains. Altdorf West , the second stop on line S2 in the Altdorf urban area, serves not only the residential areas there and several companies, but also primarily the students of the neighboring Altdorf high school.

The following buses operate in the urban area and the districts of Altdorf:

VGN line operator Walkway
331 Reba-Eno Altdorf - Weißenbrunn - Leinburg - Diepersdorf - Röthenbach (Pegnitz)
333 Squint Altdorf - Weißenbrunn - Gersdorf - Lauf (Pegnitz)
512 DB Frankenbus Altdorf - Berg - Holzheim - Neumarkt (OPf)
550 Merz trips Altdorf - Hagenhausen - Wappeltshofen - Traunfeld
551 Merz trips Altdorf - Rasch - Schwarzenbach - Großvoggenhof
552 Merz trips Altdorf Bf - Market Square - Prackenfels - Altdorf
553 Merz trips Altdorf - Altenthann - Rummelsberg - Ochenbruck
554 Merz trips Altdorf - Hegnenberg - Pühlheim - Raschbach
555 City of Altdorf Badener Str. - Türkeistr. - Train station - Burgthanner Weg - Badener Str.
558 DB Frankenbus Call bus Altdorf - Berg
Night bus route 55 VAG Feucht - Moosbach - Winkelhaid - Altdorf - Hagenhausen

On the nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday as well as on the nights before public holidays, Altdorf is served hourly by the Nuremberg night bus line (Nightliner) N55 from and to Feucht. In Feucht there is a transfer connection to the N15 line from and to the central transfer point at Nuremberg Central Station. The journey to Nuremberg takes 51 minutes.

Industry and commerce

ETA headquarters

Tourism and leisure

Altdorf has numerous sports and leisure facilities. Well known is the outdoor pool, which was renovated in 2002 and 2008 and has a 50 meter pool.

In 1997, with funding from the Landscape Management Association, an educational fruit trail was laid out along the former Altdorf - Rasch connecting road.


There are eight well-signposted circular hiking trails in the Altdorf area for hikers.

In addition, Altdorf is crossed by numerous hiking trails of the Franconian Alb Association (FAV).

The long-distance hiking trails are known nationwide:

There are also other regional hiking trails:

  • Altdorf - Pommelsbrunn (Blaupunkt, FAV 64), length: 25 km
  • Birglandweg (Blaukreuz, FAV 75), Altdorf - Poppberg (Birgland municipality, Amberg-Sulzbach district), length: 22 km
  • Eppeleinsweg (Rotkreuz, FAV 47), Erlangen-Buckenhof - Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, length: 92 km
  • Hochlandsteig (yellow point, FAV 66), Hersbruck (district of Nürnberger Land) - Altdorf, length: 25 km
  • Reichswaldweg (Blaukreuz, FAV 80), Nuremberg - Altdorf, length: 20 km
  • Schwarzachtalweg (Blaukreuz, FAV 50), Altdorf - Neuses, length: 28 km
  • Zeidlerweg (Blaustrich, FAV 119), Altdorf - Feucht, length: 14 km

Worth seeing in nature

A Rhätschlucht gorge near Prackenfels
Stone channel near Raschbach

There are many Rhät gorges in the Altdorf area. The best known is probably the Devil's Church in Grünsberg . The former rock cellar Löwengrube near Lenzenberg and the Teufelshöhle near Prackenfels are also worth seeing . The Steinerne Rinne near Raschbach is well worth seeing .


Honorary citizen

A street in the city is named after the first three honorary citizens.

  • Konrad Lengenfelder , first director of the Leibniz-Gymnasium Altdorf, city archivist and founder of the university museum
  • Michael Geißler , detective inspector after the Second World War
  • Franz Theophil Becker (1902–1996), professor of medicine, worked at the Wichernhaus Altdorf
  • Kurt Purucker († March 16, 2011 at the age of 91), former district administrator, former first mayor

sons and daughters of the town

Personalities who worked in the city


Web links

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