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Maximen und Reflexionen is a collection of sayings by the poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe , which was published posthumously in 1833 by Johann Peter Eckermann and Friedrich Wilhelm Riemer in the last edition of Goethe's at Cotta'schen Buchhandlung. In 1840 the collection was expanded again by Eckermann and Riemer and published under the title Sprüche in Prosa . However, this title has not prevailed over maxims and reflections .

The collection presents wisdom in the form of aphorisms , sentences , aperçus , punch lines , reflections , parables and quotations or idioms .

Structure of the "maxims"

Maxim and Reflections is divided into 8 subject areas and contains a total of 1390 sayings:

  • God and nature
  • Religion and christianity
  • Society and history
  • Thinking and doing
  • Knowledge and science
  • Art and literature
  • Literature and language
  • Experience and life

Individual evidence

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