Maximilian von Gise

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Baron Maximilian Joseph August Philipp Reinhard von Gise (* July 8, 1817 in Brussels ; † July 7, 1890 in Teublitz ) was the eldest son of the Bavarian Minister of the Royal House and Foreign Affairs (1832-1846) Friedrich August Freiherr von Gise and his Mrs. Franziska, b. Bertrand de St. Remy Countess de La Perouse. He was born in Brussels when his father was working there as the Bavarian envoy in the Netherlands .

Later Maximilian von Gise himself became the Bavarian envoy to the royal Saxon and ducal Saxon courts in Dresden . On 31 July 1847 he married in Munich Anna Amalie Countess deashers de La Pagerie (* 1 February 1816 in Munich, † 28 September 1897 in Arnstorf in Lower Bavaria ). He had two children with her, August Freiherr von Gise and Maria Freiin von Gise, married. Countess of Deym .

In Teublitz, Upper Palatinate , where the family's castle stood, Maximilian von Gise initiated the establishment of the volunteer fire brigade, which still exists today . After his death he was buried in the family crypt in Saltendorf an der Naab .