Meerland Dynasty

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The 1st Meerland dynasty (bala ŠEŠ.ḪA (A) (king list A) or bala ŠEŠ.kù.ki (list B)) ruled the south of Mesopotamia . According to the Babylonian king list, she ruled for 368 years. The hometown of the dynasty was Uruku (g) ​​or Eukuruku (g), perhaps identical to modern al-Hiba .

The first Meerland dynasty is traditionally counted as the 2nd dynasty of Babylon , although they never ruled the city.


The kings of the Meerland dynasty are only known to a limited extent from their own inscriptions. The most important sources of chronology are documents from Nippur , which prove that Samsu-iluna and Ili-man of Nippur are simultaneous.


The Babylonian ruler Ili-ma-ilu founded the Meerland dynasty on the coast of the Persian Gulf . Serious setbacks followed in military clashes with Šamšu-iluna . Damiq-ilišu lost the previously conquered cities of Uruk , Isin and Larsa to Ammī-ditāna (1683 to 1647 BC). Gulkišar eventually became King of Babylon for a short time after the conquest by Mursili I. The rule of the dynasty probably ended by the Kassite ruler Agum III.

Old Babylonian Empire (Middle Chronology: 1783 to 1415 BC)
Kings Reign Remarks
Ili-ma-ilu 1783-1724 BC Chr. 60 years
Itti-ili-nībī 1723-1667 BC Chr. 57 years
Damiq-ilišu 1666-1641 BC Chr. 26 years
Iškibal 1640-1626 BC Chr. 15 years
Šušši 1625-1602 BC Chr. 24 years
Gulkišar 1601-1547 BC Chr. 55 years
Išten 1546-1535 BC Chr. 12 years
Pešgaldarameš 1534-1485 BC Chr. 50 years
Ayadaragalama 1484-1457 BC Chr. 28 years
Akurduana 1456-1431 BC Chr. 26 years
Melamkura 1430-1424 BC Chr. 7 years
Ea-Gamil 1423-1415 BC Chr. 9 years

Second Sealand Dynasty, Central Babylonian Empire (1029–1006 BC)

More kings of the sea country

  • Marduk-apla-iddina II. 722-710 BC And 702–701 BC Chr.
  • Nabû-bēl-šumāti? –648 BC BC (grandson of Marduk-apla-iddina II.)


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Individual evidence

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