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Djedet in hieroglyphics
Old empire
R11 X1
Z1 Z1

Middle realm
R11 D46
X1 O49

New kingdom
R11 R11 D46

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Mendes (Μένδης) is the Greek name of the ancient Egyptian city Djedet (now Arabic تل الربع Tall al-Rubˁ ) in the eastern Nile Delta .


It was the capital of the 16th Gaus ( Hatmehit -Gau) of Lower Egypt and the capital of Ancient Egypt during the 29th Dynasty . The city was on the "Mendesian arm of the Nile", which is now muddy, about 35 kilometers east of Mansura .

Today the site is one of the largest archaeological sites in the Nile Delta and consists of Tell al-Rubˁ with the remains of the main temple and the Egyptian settlement and Tell Timai in the south, where the Greco-Roman settlement Thmuis was located. Mendes has an approximate north-south extension of three kilometers and extends about 900 meters from east to west.

The former main god of Mendes in ancient Egypt was the ram god Ba-neb-djedet . In the third interim period , the Egyptians regarded Hatmehit as his wife, who with their son Hor-pa-chered formed the trinity of Mendes.


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