Mere lava

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Mere lava
NASA satellite image of Mere Lava
NASA satellite image of Mere Lava
Waters Pacific Ocean
Archipelago Banks Islands
Geographical location 14 ° 27 '35 "  S , 168 ° 2' 31"  E Coordinates: 14 ° 27 '35 "  S , 168 ° 2' 31"  E
Mere Lava (Vanuatu)
Mere lava
length 4.5 km
surface 18 km²
Highest elevation Mount Teu (Star Peak)
883  m
Residents 647 (2009)
36 inhabitants / km²
main place Tasmate
Map of the Banks Islands with Mere Lava on the lower right
Map of the Banks Islands with Mere Lava on the lower right

Mere Lava , also Merelava , more rarely Star Peak Island , is the southernmost and at the same time easternmost island of the Banks Islands in the north of the Pacific island state of Vanuatu . Administratively, the island, like all the Banks Islands, belongs to the province of Torba .


Mere Lava is located 26 km southeast of Mérig and 47 km southeast of Gaua , the largest island in the archipelago. The almost round volcanic island has a diameter of almost 4.5 km and an area of ​​18 km². It is formed by a basaltic stratovolcano , which in Mount Teu , also called Star Peak , reaches a height of 883 m above sea level. Mere Lava has 650 inhabitants; The main town is Tasmate (Tasmat) on the west coast of the island. Other villages, starting clockwise from Tasmate, are Levatmise (north-west), Lekwel (north), Lewtnoek (north-east) and Aot (south-east, second largest town).

The population speaks Mwerlap , a Melanesian language from the group of Oceanic languages .

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